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Tuesday, November 12


with our FB silent auction we made an amazing, unexpected, what did you say?, how much!?!, i can't believe it!, incredibly exciting total of


this is HUGE!

we expected to make arounk $2Kish... maybe a little more or a little less.

BUT with all of your help -- and the INSANE amount of bids placed, we are literally right there almost at the $3K mark!!! YAAAAY!!!

thank you thank you! friends! family! friends of friends! friends of family! and TOTAL STRANGERS! y'all are awesome! thank you to every person who shared our page, placed a bid, liked our page, and perused our auction items!

and a very *SPECIAL* thank you to every single person who donated! we had an amazing 35 people donate a total of 84 items that went up for bid! ah! i cannot get over it! we are surrounded by so much talent and such an incredible amount of generosity!

we love each and every one of you so dearly! you are helping bring our baby home!

i can't say it enough... thank. you.

with the $2,925 from the auction + the amount we had previously raised, we only have $2,012 -- that's two thousand and twelve dollars(!!!) left to raise before we've paid for our initial agency fees...

and paying your initial agency fees... means we can officially be "matched" with a child! so OF COURSE we feel the urgency to get this portion paid just as quickly as possible!!!!!

will you help us??

we have so many ways to raise $$$! first and foremost is...

OH YES! Adoption *IS* for lovers!!! Add a little 1 Corinthians 13:7 to the back, and you've got yourself a mighty fine shirt!

Buy one for $20... or 3 or more for $15 each! 
*Add $3 for shipping
**Add them to your auction winnings (before the end of the week) and they'll ship for FREE!!

Sizes available:
Women's Fitted - S, M, L, XL
Men's Fitted - S, M, L, XL
Generic Adult - L, XL, XXL
Kids 2T (fits like 3T-4T... on B and Lu in the pic above)
Kids 3T (fits like 5T... on Ri above)
Youth XS
Youth Small

another BIG, HUGE fundraiser we have coming your way is...
ROOTED BOON SIGNS!!! < - - - click right here

did you love the nativities from the auction? or how about the custom signs? they make the PERFECT gift! we are only taking Christmas batch orders NEXT WEEK, Nov 17-24! the Christmas batch will be completed in the 1st two weeks of December. After this batch *we will not be making any more signs until March/April 2014!* so if you will be wanting one of our signs any time over the next 4 months... THE TIME TO ORDER IS NOW!!!

thank you everyone for loving us so well!! we are honored to have you all as our support system!

Thursday, November 7

i have news!!! BIG, BIG NEWS!!!

as of today, we are *officially* registered with CARA!!!!!!!!! woooohoooo!

"what does that mean!?" you may ask!


yeah! yeah! yeah!

this means, that at any time we can be officially "matched" with a child that fits with our family. we have very specific "needs" we're seeking out in a child, and it can take anywhere from 1 month to 6 months to find a match!


we are so so so so so excited about this step. we could literally see our girl's face next week... or at christmas time... or on new year's eve... or 20 days into march! who knows!! but it's not just paperwork anymore.

we fully expect for God to reveal the little girl He has set aside for our family! and i cannot get over it. i don't know what it'll be like to see her face in a photograph... perhaps like seeing an ultrasound of your baby for the first time... or like the first time you feel a kick, flutters and all... maybe it'll feel like nesting - going crazy preparing your home and family for the new addition... or a little like the terror that comes with thinking of birthing a new baby - all the unknowns.

all i know is the first part of this "paper pregnancy" was a whole lot like the first trimester morning sickness - minus a little of the feeling crappy, plus a whole lot of the "WHEN WILL THIS PART BE OVER!?!?" to be quite honest, i'm ready for the 2nd trimester!!! :)

being accepted into CARA also means that our very first PAYMENT is due to the adoption agency. oh man oh man! it is a chunk of change!!!!

thanks to our friends and families - all the generous donations, puzzle pieces bought, and even funds that will be raised through the current auction we have going on right now... WE'VE ALMOST RAISED WHAT WE NEED!!!

but, we do have a bit left to raise, and we need to do it as soon as possible!!!

we need about $2,500 more within the next few weeks! at first i freaked out. and then i remembered, the Lord has called us to this baby... and He will see us through. man, does that take a lot of weight off of my shoulders!!!!



$10 a piece! put your name, or your family name, or whatever you would like. (they're going in a double sided frame so our girl can see all the people who helped bring her home!!!!)

*****WE'VE GOT T-SHIRTS!!!*****
i'm going to wait until the week after the auction to show them to y'all (even though if you KNOW us, you've already seen them!)! they will be $20 each... or buy 3+ and they're $15 each! WE HAVE KID'S SIZES TOO!!

******ROOTED BOON SIGNS!!!!******
i'm only taking sign orders for ONE WEEK this year! NOVEMBER 17th-23rd i will take orders... they will be ready by CHRISTMAS... and i will not be making signs again til MAY 2014!! so if you want a Rooted Boon sign, get your order ready!!!

and if you have ANY other ideas of how to fundraise, let me know!

thank you all for your extraordinary love and support!! we couldn't do this without the Body of Christ - doing it's thang! we love each and every one of you!

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you; 
I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west… 
Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth.”
Isaiah 43:5-6

Sunday, November 3

Adoption Auction Bazaar (Facebook Silent Auction)!!!!!

earlier in the year we had a sensational idea to showcase all of our friend's and family's talents through an online auction! we expected maybe 30-40 donations and had well over 75!!

the auction launch is TODAY and will run for a full week - until next Sunday, November 10 at 11:59pm!

visit our page at www.facebook.com/migadoption, *LIKE* us, and BID!!! and if you're feeling generous, maybe even share our page. :)

we're SO SO excited!!! thank you everyone who donated... and thank you to all who will bid on our items!!

Monday, October 21

up up UPDATE!!!!!!

HELLOOOOOO friends! it has been FOREVER!! but finally... we have in our hands...

OUR APPROVED HOME STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
((woot woot! oh yeah! oh yeah!))

this means, our home study has been finalized and sent to the American adoption agency. we now:
-wait for approval from our agency
-wait for approval from the Indian Adoption Program (CARA)
and then
-we get to see the list of updated children

at that point, we'll be praying over each child that fits our criteria... trusting the Lord to reveal our girl to us! whew.


in the meantime, we have PL-ENTY to keep us busy. our next fundraiser is our very own ADOPTION AUCTION BAZAAR!!!  yeah.

this Facebook silent auction will run from Sunday, November 3rd - Sunday, November 10th. bids will be placed by placing a comment on the photograph of the item you're interested in.

this will be a very unique silent auction in that, every item will be hand crafted/cash value. We plan to link up with the artist's websites, etsy shop, fb page, etc. So as buyers peruse and bid on the donated items, artists/businesses/causes get exposure as well. we'll feature an item or two every day.

we are looking for donations!! do you have an item or two that you'd be able to donate? Or perhaps something that hasn't sold from your shop and is just sitting around? we'll take ANYTHING! even gift cards!


FuNdRaIsEr update! at this point in time, we have raised jusssst barely over $4,500!!!! woooooohooooooo!!! thank you to all our friends and family who have bought auction items, bought puzzle pieces, donated $$, bought wraps, donated items, and loved us through encouragement and prayer!

this has been one exciting ride and it's only going to get crazier! :)) God is so good.

we love each and every one of you! thank you for every ounce of your love and support!!!!

Tuesday, August 27

hello world. long time no see.

hey there everyone. sorry for the delay in updates... which is due to the lack of updates. lol. we're waiting for our completed home study now. then we'll proceed with the ever awesome dossier and government red tape to crawl under/hurdle over. :) whatever it takes.

we know we are on the Lord's timeline now, so we wait, and we hope, and we pray over our little girl.

thank you for your continued love and support.

Thursday, August 1


hellooooooo. anybody out there!? i know i've been terribly poor at updating over the past two weeks, but let me just tell you - it's been B-U-S-Y. suuuuper busy.

1st - 
we had an adoption auction on facebook (that MANY of you participated in! holla!) and we did WAAAAY better than we expected! woot! 

in total... 

we raised...


whaaat!? yep. $786. i cannot get over it. 

our biggest THANK YOUS to every single person who placed a bid, donated on our behalf, shared our link, or said a prayer for us. 

we are chipping, chipping, chipping away at that adoption block and before we know it, we'll be done. i have never even given fundraising for a baby a second thought. God loves the orphans. this we know. so i know if He's called anyone out there to bring a baby home, He will provide the means to do so.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! 
And that is what we are! 1 john 3.1

***we WILL be having another silent auction on facebook in the FALL! keep an eye out and let us know if you have anything you'd like to donate!***

2nd - 
we've been HARD at work! (hint: in front of the computer) on our next BIG (hint: well, kind of "fitted") fundraiser! coming soon! :))))

3rd - 
we can see the light! we are waiting for 1 more document to come in BUT... WE! ARE! D-O-N-E!!!!!!!!!!! WITH ALL HOMESTUDY PAPERWORK! yeeeehaaawww! this has been a process, baby! 

ever had your septic tank inspected? YEP! SURE HAVE!
ever had to go get two sets of fingerprints? from two different places? UH HUH!
ever had to round up every document you've ever aquired (birth certificate, drivers licence, health insurance, car insurance, marriage certificate, etc.)??? OH YEAH! WHO HASN'T!
i could do this for DAYS!

we. are. (the CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS! no jk jk.) DONE!

done. done. DoNe! DONE! DonE! can i do a done dance? lol! 

4th - 
our homestudy worker is coming in just 2 days to do our final meetings! what!? we'll have this joker written up in NO time (fingers crossed) and we'll be one step closer to laying our eyes on our baby girl! ahhhh! i can't stand it! i'm so excited!!! in the mean time i will be running around my house LACWMHCO (any guesses?) for the next 24 hours in preparation. i might die. but there's a good chance i won't. so let's hope together, shall we. 

5th - 
we have sold 96 puzzle pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooohoooooo! i just did a puzzle piece update today! look at all those names! we have some friends who LOVE us to PIECES! (HA! no pun intended. i sure do crack myself up.)

to be sure, we've had our share of roadblocks (and clogged pipes) but we're just taking it one step at a time and rolling with the punches. we know we are on the Lord's time scale, and not our own. 

thank you again for all of your love and support! this is such an exciting ride. 
and a little overwhelming too! 

Monday, July 15

One dollar bid, now two, now two, will ya' give me two? Two dollar bid, now three, now three, will ya' give me three?

our very first silent adoption auction launched today on facebook!!

along with 3 other adoptive families, we have round up some amazing art, music, crafts, movies, and clothes for your bidding pleasure.

check it out and please LIKE our page: https://www.facebook.com/ChristmasInJulyMultiFamilyAdoptionAuction

here are some pictures of the amazing donations we have received!!


if you see anything you're interested in, please bid or please SHARE on your facebook wall! just because you bid DOES NOT mean you will win, so keep an eye on your item over the next 10 days! (auction ends July 25!)

thank you SO much to those of you who donated! we are beyond blessed to call you friends!