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Saturday, June 20

summer time!

i love the freedom and relaxation that comes with summer days and summer nights. pool and lake fun - the smell of sunscreen! kiddies running through sprinklers! cooking out on the grill! fireflies and bon fires! it just doesn't get any better than that!

this time last year, Pirate was only 6 months old - so summer was a bit of a bummer. barely crawling, outside play was hardly an option especially in the 95+ degree + humidity heat! ugh. this summer is a wee bit different! we must play outside every single day not to mention we have our very own garden so we must maintain that too. 

we have truly shifted into a family that does "family" things. hubby can't sit still anyway so when he's home we must be doing. we clean or garden or find a new project to 1/2 way complete or mow the lawn or cook or watch movies or chase Pirate around the house... i love my little family and i love our life together. 

on so many days i think "it simply cannot get any better than this" only to have the secondary thought of "4 more months 'til Miggy arrives"! hah! is my life about to get even crazier!! and i am so excited for what is to come!

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