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Monday, June 22

sunscreen please!

yesterday was father's day and what a great day it was! we got to see friends at church, family in the afternoon, and got to go out to eat with my dad last night. saturday night was an awesome night as well... Grammie B came to watch baby Pirate while hubby and i went out with some amazing friends - bowling, fried pickles, and chocolate mousse!! who could ask for more!?

after being surrounded by blessing after blessing after blessing, i can't help but think of how truly BLESSED we are. we have the Creator of the universe as our very own Dad. despite the economic crisis - we have a roof over our heads. despite splotchy health insurance coverage - all four of us are fit as fiddles (with the exception of the wee bit of craziness lurking in my head... but who's complaining!?). no one close to us has passed away in years (though we know that is inevitable). we have great friends and family who are always there for us. and we never, never go without.

we are so grateful for the good things, the good people, and the good times in our lives. 

and believe me we know it is with challenge and trials that we grow (i know this from much past experience)... that we learn who we are... that we learn we are nothing and God is everything.

i don't know where we'll be tomorrow; all i know is today is a warm, sunny day and my pasty white skin is enjoying the rays.

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