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Monday, June 29

vine ripe!

this year is the first that we attempted to grow our own crops in our own little garden out back. can i just say, there is SO much to learn!?!

we started out with a raised bed and in it we have: squash, cucumber, tomatoes, okra, carrots, and spinach (can you say - crowded!?). then we put some corn rows in our lovely yard consisting of red georgia clay. yea. you can imagine how the corn is doing.

Pirate out by our "wiener" corn 

here's what we've learned (that true farmers already know) thus far:
-carrots and spinach are cool weather crops, thus, not for summer growth (in georgia anyway). 
-squash plants get MASSIVE. we only have two plants and they're taking over at least half of our raised bed. 

-tomato plants get HUGE and are super heavy... they can weight down your trellis to the point of collapsing. 

sweet hubby fixing our poor tomatoes and shotty trellises 

-squash attracts squash bugs... which you have to pick off by hand and squish. gross.
-tomatoes attract Tomato Hornworms... they're huge, ugly, and they destroy your beautiful tomatoes (we had to find and kill 11 all in about 1/2 an hour). yuck. 

this sucker is literally the size of hubby's middle finger! ewww!

-corn needs nitrogen. and our clay has NONE.

despite all of this unpleasant business, we have got our first picks from the garden! mmm. fresh squash, tomatoes, cucumber, and okra! full of flavor! full of nutrients! and all organic!! it's been worth the work and wait! 

and let's just say, next year we'll do thing a wee bit differently!

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