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Wednesday, July 1

and how my heart did fly

i have had several accounts of a fluttering heart (and tummy!) over the past few days. it's these moments that energize me and make me want giggle and do a little dance! it brings tears to my eyes when i think back on them. it really makes life seem so much more full to have these brief moments of ecstasy.

1st - at church on sunday morning. we were learning of hagar, the only person in the bible permitted to give God a name - El Roi: the God who sees me. as we went over the story the pastor made the very strong point - the angel of the Lord who appeared to hagar was indeed the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ! as he spoke the name, i almost lost control and started sprouting leaks right there! something so simple yet so profound! it made my heart leap just to hear His name spoken. brilliant to see Him weaved throughout the old testament as well!

2nd - got to have lunch with a friend from waaaay back. though we hadn't been able to see/spend much time with one another recently, when we sat down at that table, it was like nothing had changed! we just picked up where we left off and continued with the present!!! as she spilled her guts and shared so much of her personal life, it really thrilled me(!) at how much i love the people in my life - and need them - desperately.

3rd - to revisit one of my favorite aha! moments... to be reminded of how precious my hubby is - and how wonderful our marriage is! i could not have asked for more! he is so good to me and there is nothing i would rather do than love him in every way i can! we are unconditionally blessed as our friendship keeps growing and the ties that bind us together continually get stronger. what an amazing gift!

4th - i swear i say 25 times a day, just how adorable my little Pirate is! every time he makes a little face or does a little dance or makes a new noise, it sends my heart a'flutterin'! simply put - i cannot get enough of him!

5th - hubby and i decided (today!) on (almost) final names for miggy (there's always a chance something brilliant could spark our interest before baby arrives)! every time i think about either name - boy or girl - or think about the moment in the car i said "okay?" and he said "okay." i get all giddy inside. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY! and he/she is going to have one rockin' name! (sorry for the inconvenience, we are not sharing. sorry. we simply aren't name share-ers. don't get your feelings hurt. besides, it could all change at the last minute.)

i love my life! more and more every single day! now, back to thinking of home decor ideas...

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  1. I know that I haven't been married as long as you have or I have not carried any babies... but I know of the joy, of the thrilling giddy-ness that just flows through you and I am SO glad that you love it as much as I do.

    I, too, adore my husband and I cannot wait to get go through life with him.

    And heaven, those kids that I someday will be blessed to call mine... oh those days will be glorious even with the screaming "i am going to pull my hair out" moments. :)

    So so so glad that you have that joy in the beautiful mess of life!