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Thursday, July 9

i will follow *her*, follow *her* wherever *she* may go... well, maybe not.

i loved the midwife that delivered Pirate. she was calm, attentive, and put up with no one's bull. she told me to ignore the stressful, general advice the nurse gave about my baby and to do what came natural. she made jokes with me and made me feel like i was her kind of girl. why!? oh why?! did she have to leave!?

i found out last week that she is changing ob practices again. she'd already relocated since Pirate was born and now she is moving - even further into the city (further away from me). with my super quick delivery, following her again simply is not an option.

we decided to go in the opposite direction - instead of 1 hour (minimum) towards atlanta, we are now going 30-45 minutes away from atlanta (probably a smart move considering my labors are going to get shorter and shorter). and if you know anything about georgia, you know what a hassle it is to find midwives that actually practice midwifery (thus, the drive). anywho.

i was somewhat pleased with my first visit at my new ob... and somewhat disappointed.

pleased because: the NEW midwife told me their goal is to intervene as little as possible during the pregnancy and allow the body to do what it does best - make and carry babies. this means for me very few pelvic exams, no more ultrasounds (though that is so fun), no time scale during delivery, and no FORCING baby out. their c-section rate is the lowest around. and they are more than happy to meet me at what i want for my labor and delivery.

disappointed because: i found out they have something like ELEVEN midwives. that means that there is a very high chance i will get a midwife that i don't even know. also, i HAVE to see a different one every visit if i want to lessen those chances. ugh.

(i am also not a big fan of when my care providers don't listen to the details of my story... i know my body. i know what i want. don't try to talk me out of it and make me feel guilty for my decisions.)

here we go again on the adventure of labor and delivery - birth plan - stressing about the drive there - and *wondering* how my l&d will go with the midwife on call.

14 more weeks. in case you're wondering, that's 8 weeks + 6 weeks. or 7 weeks + 7 weeks. or 10 weeks + 4 weeks. no matter how you put it... that's fast. way fast. kind of like my labor. sheesh. don't remind me.


  1. Well, if you werre to decide to do a home birth, the midwife would come to you;-) I know of a good one in Dallas, GA because when I delivered my son, he cam a bit earlier than anyone expected and my midwife was on vacation, so her apprentice came and they called the one from Dallas to drive all the way up here and supervise! I think it is a considerably longer drive up here to LaFayette than it would be to Atlanta and I was a quick laborer, too, so my baby was here before she arrived. But just listening to her interaction with the apprentice during post delivery preceedings, I think I would have liked her just fine.

    But, I know that home birth is not for everyone;-)

  2. I LOVE recieving comments from you! Thank you.

    And I, too, love to keep up with your life through your blog. Keep posting and I'll keep reading. :)

    After reading roadrunner201's comment, have you thought of doing a home birth?

  3. i have not considered a home birth... i figure baby is coming as fast regardless of where i am. so in attempt to slow it all down i am trying an epidural this time... and just in case we can't slow it all down, i'll be there at the hospital in case more damage is done next time. praying that that will not be the case!!!

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