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Tuesday, July 7

independence day!

we had so much fun on the 3rd and 4th as we celebrated our independence with friends and family!

Pirate loved the fire crackers - every time a big one would go off he'd look back at us with big eyes and squeal "far cacker!"

he also loved lighting the sparklers with dad. pyro? i think we're in trouble.

hubby got his share of 
and set them off in the 
on the evening of the 4th. 

to say the least - Pirate was thrilled.

as we *tried* to get a good family photo, Pirate kept waving his flag around. i don't even know if he was in this photo (wink).

it was such a fun holiday - one that is always well spent with the ones you love most! 
we are so blessed to live in the USA!!


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