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Friday, July 24

Lollipop S-A-L-E

you cannot understand it until you have experienced it for yourself. walking into a huge room full of everything (well, almost everything) you want or need for your children all right there at your finger tips.

most women love to shop, yes? and most women (that i know anyway) love to spend money. the kicker: most women (again, in my small circle) hate the guilt that can accompany even a completely legitimate purchase.

consider basic items for your children. clothes. baby needs (carseat, blankets, sippys, pacifiers, etc.). toys. decor. these items are pretty essential for your kid. but why - oh why - must they cost so much money!?!

well here's the solution. ahhh. it just makes me breathe a little easier to think about the ingenious idea of - CONSIGNMENT SALES. not only do you get INCREDIBLE deals from buying gently used items, but you do your part in not adding to the tons of waste being (eventually) dumped somewhere.

we had our local consignment sale here this week. i sold my unwanted items and i bought my newly needed items (Pirate's next size up, miggy wear - if he/she is a SHE, and part of Pirate's Christmas present!).

i spent literally a 1/3 of what i would have in the stores and i walked away feeling completely fabulous! i love to buy. and i love to find great deals!!! ahhh! love it!

i also got to volunteer with my auntie, cousin, and hubby (whom i made help me out... it was volunteer for one 3 hour shift or wake up with me every saturday before the butt-crack of dawn and yard sale shop... i won the argument.). it was so much fun. i can't wait for the next one!!

the line to get in to the presale (for sellers and workers only)

just a peak of the massive booty available from the start of the sale

my amazing cart (thank you hubby) and my purchases!

my golden ticket :)

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  1. Yay! Glad I have this blog to keep up with you now. I've been h o r r i b l e about updating since I've had two kiddos running around but hope to oneday speed back up to par!

    Cute blog, just like the writer!