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Monday, July 13

not ME monday...

who needs therapy?? not me. (maybe mckmama, but not me) 

well, what better way to begin than with a list of things that i simply have not done. it wasn't me. i DIDN'T do it. (believe me yet??)

i did not skip out on an entire week of keeping up with the housework because hubby and i thoroughly cleaned the house on sunday. my frame of thought was not - "we worked our tails off for one half of a day so i can have the whole week off." 

i did not just clean out leftover meals from the refrigerator that included a mexican casserole dish that i must have made OVER 1 month ago (waay over 1 month ago). 

we are not so out of groceries that i have literally 1 thing to fix for Pirate and myself to eat for breakfast and lunch. 

i certainly did not (for what lady would?) pass *pregnancy* gas (accident) in an isle of the grocery store and then loudly tease my husband for being completely and utterly rude for doing such a nasty thing in a public place. (luckily he thought it might be him so he didn't call me out even louder!!)

lastly, i do not bargain (or hold things ransom) from precious sweet little Pirate and say "give mama kiss first". how else am i supposed to get as many sweet baby kisses as i want!?! ah hem. as i said, i don't do it anyway.  

this concludes this weeks therapy session. that'll be $500. you can leave your payment in my comment box. check in next week for Pirate's very own therapy session. it's sure to be quite entertaining...

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