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Monday, July 20

not MY child. oh no. he would never do that.

my little Pirate is an angel. oh yes, an angel i tell you. he is sweet, charming, polite, full of manners, and completely dedicated to being the kind of boy every mommy would want. ah-hem. NOT! 

he would never constantly walk run to any uncovered outlet with a pen, screwdriver, bobby pin, or fork in his hand. 

he gasps at the thought of pushing away at the buttons on the dvr while mom and dad are BOTH standing there, completely engaged telling him not to touch and warning of the consequences.

it's out of the question to think he would slowly (yet fully aware of our whereabouts) go towards something (paper shredder, trash can, cleaning cabinet, toilet brush) he's not supposed to mess with and pounce at any opportunity to play away.

finally, it's unthinkable to imagine that he might squawk (yes, i do mean make a loud, shriek-of-a-noise that anyone within earshot can hear and looks to see what the commotion is all about) in complete defiance at us if we ever tell him "no" or not to touch.

not my baby. not my precious little man. he would never. besides, how can you resist this face!?

though he is my little angel (i could never love him more than i do right now) he is your typical, pull-hair, talk-back, pitch a fit, his way or no way, 20 month old! isn't he cute though!?

(loving this idea from mckmama)

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  1. Your little guy sounds a lot like our little girl, Audrey. She may only be 14 months but she certainly "is not" up to much of the same chanangeons! I love the great black and white picture of pirate!