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Sunday, August 30

list living.

it seems i'm livin' off lists these last few weeks of pregnancy. i really have never had such a surge of energy to get things done - and though i love it, it is wearing me out!! hah. but i can't stop. it's like an addiction. and the only way to satisfy it is to, well, get stuff done!!! here's an example of a list i have entitled

"To Do Before Baby"...

-find and purchase bucket seat that is safe, modern, good lookin', and that fits the Baby Trend Sit 'N Stand Double Stroller (easier said than done)
-find and purchase a girl, boy, and white fitted diaper (for testing out AND newborn pics)
-make room in Pirate's drawers and closet for baby clothes
-do some last minute, off-the-cuff pregnancy pics
-schedule pictures for when Miggy arrives
-find newborn pictures online to duplicate
-create Miggy's birthplan
-find another baby carrier
-do a little deco in Pirate's room
-make/sew 2 hospital gowns (why not!?)
-pack hospital bags
-choose a boy and girl take home outfit
-have template ready for Miggy's Birth Announcements and address envelopes
-write letter from mom and dad to Miggy (we also did this for Pirate)

notice: this is only ONE of my lists. =) i also have a list of signs to make, several lists of stuff to do around the house (spring cleaning, renovations, updates, decor), and of course grocery lists.

isn't nesting so much fun!?

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