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Monday, August 10

the waiting game.

it seems like it's been ages since hubby applied for a job with a local fire department. and though they are a government organization (meaning they go at whatever pace they want to), it doesn't ease the waiting itch. every day i know hubby jumps at each phone call hoping to hear a schedule date for his next interview. every day i watch for the mail like a hawk and run to get it upon arrival hoping to see something from the county... (and secretly hoping i get to open it and read it to him!). 

we know that if this doesn't work out, everything happens for a reason - God's plan for us is OH so much greater than our plans for ourselves (i don't have to tell you i'd rather have a sketchy-job, grouchy-hubby come home every day than be a widow). we just really are getting our hopes up! the benefits are spectacular. the hours are pretty great. the security would be amazing. the pay is consistent. the brotherly-bond is so needed. the opportunity to do work that has purpose is uncontested.

all-in-all i want my man to be happy and fulfilled in his work. he's not getting that now and it stresses him to the max! which stresses me to the max! which irritates Pirate (and Miggy). who irritates hubby when he's irritated. haha. you see the circle. no fun. 

so here we are. still waiting. and hoping for an answer. and hoping the answer is not that he didn't get the job (because that would leave us waiting on yet another opportunity to present itself). but hoping for something. and excited about the possibilities. not excited about possibly permanently losing the goatee - but excited nonetheless. 

oh. and only 9ish more weeks 'til Miggy arrives. :) waiting, waiting.   


  1. Oh, I remember this! Nothing helps the waiting. However, if it is what he really wants to do, please encourage him to not give up. It took my husband 7 (!!!) years to finally get somewhere with the fire department. I had to be his biggest cheer leader even when I didn't feel like it. Did you say he was applying at one of the Atlanta counties? I can't remember.

  2. I will be praying for an answer either way ... waiting is so hard. It is also hard to encourage a husband and help them to feel secure and fulfilled as they attempt to provide for a growing family ... it sounds like you are being a good supportive wife:)