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Wednesday, September 23

2.5ish weeks left

every day we get one step closer to having little miggy here in our arms. and every day things get that much closer to being ready for him/her to come home! 

we have *finalized* our names. (i think.) hahah!

a couple days ago we received my ebay win of 3 adiri bottles. though i am only breastfeeding, we ARE going to attempt having miggy take a bottle (and paci) so that mom has a little more freedom this time around (unlike last time where i had exactly 2 hours to leave, get something done, and get back to baby Pirate). that's not much time when the closest thing to you is 15 minutes away. 

we also got our bucket carseat, which is regretfully not what we had in mind. sad, i know. who comes up with the idea to make 1/2 of the fabric (that a newborn will be riding in) sandpaper and the other 1/2 of the fabric like silk - not that it is super soft or snuggly, but it WILL show every single drop of fluid that gets on it! do babies pee through diapers?? why yes, they do. do they spit up? uh-huh. how about spill?? yup! okay! let's make a carseat that will show all of the damage done! yeah, we'll be returning/exchanging that purchase. 

the other night i told hubby he had a surprise to do with the baby when he got home... he was thrilled. not. he knew i was up to something. we got home and spent about 10 minutes practicing putting prefolds on elmo! hahah! it was hilarious. we were both tickled. yup. we'll be *trying* to cloth diaper this one from birth on. we'll see how that goes...

i got on a cleaning/organizing frenzy and the house NOW looks like a tornado came through. but i did get a lot done ... baby cabinet organized. pirate's closet and fall clothes in transition. laundry room organized. hall-way closet organized. baby gear pulled from the attic, washed, and set in a corner waiting to be used. etc. etc. etc. now i just get to clean up after myself. 

also had a brilliant baby shower with my buddies from high school! can you say GIRLS NIGHT!? it was pretty amazing to sit around in a completely relaxed atmosphere and chat about everything from babies, to hubbies, to who's doing what, oh don't forget sex talk! (my favorite), and of course lots of yummy things to eat. the theme for the food was the top 10 things pregnant women craved... mmm. we had chocolate, pickles, olives, eggs, bacon, cheese, peanut butter and all kinds of delicious treats! it was so much fun! i can't wait to do it again!! GIRLS NIGHT - once a month is a must! THANK YOU LADIES for a great night - full of laughs and great conversation! the perfect way to get me ready for miggy!!

all in all, i feel so good. my pregnancy is going great. i've never been so excited to meet someone as i am to meet my little miggy! hubby is working hard for us (yet still holding out hope for another job to make itself available) and doing great at dealing with the stress of crappy work in a crappy economy. pirate is so fun to be with - learning and doing new things every single day. life is wonderful. and i can't think of another way to make it better than adding another person to share it all with!

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  1. Sweet post .. gearing up to add another lil one can be stressful but you seem just thoroughly excited and happy:) Can't wait to know what you have and how Riott reacts to the new lil one!!