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Thursday, September 17

baby blues

isn't this the
sweetest sad baby
you've ever seen!?!

this is my baby with his baby blues. 
sometimes he's happy sometimes he's sad. 
on this special occasion he wanted something that was right in front of him... he just wanted it differently
and because he couldn't clearly express his thoughts (and i couldn't figure them out at the moment) he threw a little tantrum. 
luckily i had my camera right next to me.
and caught a (very) few of the sweetest expressions of my baby Pirate.

though i don't always love his tantrums... 
(wants only mom to hold his milk, wants only dad to hold his milk, wants to hold it himself, wants us to hold him, wants to do it (everything!) all by himself, wants a spoon, doesn't want a spoon but wants a fork, wants help, doesn't want help, and on and on)
...i love him regardless. him and his alligator tears. 

**for the record, i don't usually grab the camera when there's a hurt, mad, or crying baby. 

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