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Tuesday, September 8

what's in a stinkin' name!?!?

we thought we had made the leap... finalized our decision for baby names. but, guess what. mrs. indecisive (with her "i don't care"-so-it-doesn't-help-me-make-any-decisions HUBBY) is at it again - over-analyzing and stressing about possible names for miggy. imagine that. 

the girl name is SET. we are ready to go. only problem is, we don't think it's a girl and we can't decide on a boy name! ahhhh! 

and what's worse (i know, i bring it on myself) is that i simply cannot share what we're thinking to get other's opinions. i know it's lame, but word-of-mouth is the fastest speed of travel AND well, the names we don't use with miggy, we may just use with migberry, miggles, or miggen. haha. so we can't share for fear of stolen names or WORSE(!!); our names becoming popular... dun, dun, DUN. 

hubby thinks i'm dumb for stressing this much (really it's not all that stressful) but truly - this kid is going to be stuck with the random name we choose for, oh, forever. that's a long time to be possibly stuck with a crappy name.

i just want to love it. every time i hear it i want it to make me smile - not that the child won't do that - but a sweet, silly, precious, miggy child deserves a great name. and it is our responsibility to find that name.  

i just wish it were easier to decide on one. 

on with the search...

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  1. Names are hard ... and you won't "know when you see the baby" .. I hated when people tolda me that!!haha ... You are definitely having a girl ... I am wishing it upon you because I REALLY didn't want ANY girls but I am just in love with my lil Annie ... and she needs a playmate:)