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Saturday, October 10

Beckham Cruz - labor and delivery

written Thursday, October 8...

"as most of you know, i had a plan. a plan that was sure to fail, but none-the-less, a plan.

i knew i was having some heavy cramping earlier today. i knew the cramps were slightly consistent. but not once did they feel anything like they did with Pirate. so we watched and we waited. we decided to get checked out and hubby made his way home. as we drove to the doctor i realized i was hungry so we stopped for a bite of fast food and then went on our merry way. as we got closer i thought, "okay, this is feeling pretty rough." so we decided to go straight to the hospital instead of the doctors office.

we pulled up at the hospital at about 2:45pm and i got into a room at about 3:00pm. as my midwife made her way in to check me - the real question was about to be answered! how far along was i?? she checked and i was already dilated to... 8cm. 8cm!?!?

(what a difference! with Pirate, i also arrived at the hospital at 8cm. i remember distinctly clawing hubby's shirt - almost off of his body with every contraction. on the way to the hospital, i hit transition and vomited down the side of the car. i was writhing in the hospital bed with each contraction and begging for the water (water birth).)

today on the way to the hospital i would occasionally squeeze the O-SHI handle and tell hubby to stop talking to me. lol. once in the bed (at 8cm and 9cm) i took each contraction by squeezing my eyes tight and trying not to breathe - while everyone around me was yelling at me "breathe!". i was holding out for the epidural that i knew was going to slow me down - or at least help me maintain control enough to lessen the damage that Miggy was bound to bring. because my water was still in tact, i could still have the epidural even though i was so far along.

finally, one contraction hit hard enough (while they were on the way to administer my epidural) that i couldn't help but push (and cuss)... and with that ONE CONTRACTION, my water broke and Miggy was crowning. (what in the world!?) with another push (and cussing) the head was out. with a final 1/2 push (and grunt) Miggy made his way into the world - purple, screaming, and just plain beautiful.

i'll never forget hubby's choked up voice, knowingly whisper in my ear after Miggy came out "what is it?". i said, "a boy". and as he announced it to the room (of nurses and midwives) we came to realize what we knew all along.

Baby boy Beckham Cruz Migliori joined us on the outside world at 3:39pm. He weighed 7lbs 4oz. (total labor time - 4 1/2 hours.)

i had to have ANOTHER natural delivery. BUT i only had a tiny tear - too small even for a stitch. i had no pain meds. i had no one in the room to take pictures (though many were on their way...). BUT i had one beautiful, baby boy laying on my chest AND i had one amazing hubby with tears streaming down his face, kissing all over my forehead.

today was a wonderful day. a lot of fears were quieted. a ton of doubts were laid to rest. i received strength and peace that could only be God-given. today was a day like no other."


  1. Yay!!! We are so excited to finally have him here!

  2. can i just say that 3 pushes is RIDICULOUS. you are one blessed mama! and can i say that the photo of you is absolutely GORGEOUS?! how can you JUST deliver a baby and look like that?!
    i love you and am praying for this transition for your sweet little family. thanks for sharing the details. so special!

  3. Congratulations!!! What a great birth story! Cool t-shirt that they gave you guys!

    I'm glad things went so well for you and your baby! Congratulations : )

  4. There has been some debate. The profile picture with a hand in Beckham's mouth... Pirate's hand or Beckham's?

    Thanks for sharing, by the way.

  5. hahah! definitely beckham's OWN hand. lol.

    thanks for all the sweet comments. he is a dream! and pirate is so in love with his little brother! :) so happy!

  6. Yay! Such a fun story! I'm so happy that all went well. I have moved and been without internet for several weeks... I'm just catching up! I hope you're doing well. Beautiful baby. Can't wait to meet him (love the name too!) Let us know if you need anything!

    Oh - and I KNEW it was going to be a boy :)