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Tuesday, October 6

ideas for making the not-so-good, better

while sifting through all of my notes and papers from my first labor and delivery, i stumbled upon some helpful hints for mom's before, during, and after labor. (WARNING: graphic details listed below, well, for the boys anyway.) :) i only have a few so if you know of any, please share! maybe it'll help me out this go-round!!

-stuff a sock with rice. it can be heated in the microwave or frozen in the freezer for a great pack to assist during labor - especially with lower back pain!!

-peppermint oil - for all you pukers! lol. sniff it when you feel nauseous and it should help the nausea go away.

-honey - cover your super soaker pad with it and wear it around for a bit. it has natural healing properties and is supposed to feel good too. obviously, you'll want to do this one before you plan on taking a shower.

-newborn diaper - slice open back end to reveal the pocket that holds all the soaking jellies and whatnot... fill with ice and use it as an ice pack.

hmm. i think that's all i have. :( definitely need more! bring 'em on mamas!!

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  1. Honey on a pad, now that is truly something I have never heard of before!

    Dried lavender in a sachet seems like it would be nice to have by your pillow to relax.