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Wednesday, November 4


this was our first halloween with 2! and boy (oh boy!) was it a fun one! despite the fact that it rained during the entire trick-or-treating window, we still had a blast!!
we went to my cousin's halloween party (like we do every year). there was tons of food. and tons of people. Pirate and dad went on the hayride 'round the neighborhood to get candy while mom and B stayed snugly and warm inside.

Pirate is so funny!! he was very cautious of all of the halloween decor - well, all of the scary stuff... which is so interesting because he's not even two yet! we definitely have not taught him to be afraid of things and we don't watch scary movies or anything like that. other two-year-olds bolted from house to house getting as much sugary goodness as possible... while Pirate only made it to 6 or 7 houses because of his caution, and well, he's a slow-stepper that one!

we dressed up as a family again. this year we represented as the COWBOYS (dad and Pirate) and the COWS (mom and B). so fun!!


  1. Oh my goodness! You guys are just too cute.
    I wanted to let you know that Gwinnett will be doing at least one more fire academy because they are opening one station and reopening another station in the near future. Don't know if that is something your DH would want to consider.

  2. Sooo precious! I think Riott is the cutest lil boy .. ya'll make pretty babies:)

  3. thank you roadrunner!!! we'll definitely be looking in to it! ;)