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Wednesday, December 2

mommy mush brain

i knew there was such a thing as pregnancy mush brain. you know. where you do really dumb stuff or forget really important things - without even giving it a second thought. but really! is it necessary for it to stick around after the baby is born - torturing you with the constant mark of clumsiness and forgetfulness!?!?

some of my best mush brain moments are:
-dropping a full glass of water all over the carpet, refilling it, and dropping it AGAIN in the exact same place
-forgetting my purse on an outing (need gas? need food? oh wait. i have no way to pay for it.)
-forgetting the diaper bag on an outing (hello!? absolutely necessary for life with a baby outside of the home!)
-watching Pirate go right to a light socket with a screw driver. notice, i said watching.

but nothing tops the past week. three events. one very useful prop. ugh.

i was on top of things. i was more organized than i'd ever been. hah. lot of good that did me.

story #1:
pirate's birthday day had arrived. i pulled out the video camera and waited for him to wake up. then, it hit me! the tape in the camera had B's birth on it. oh no, no, no. we would not be taping a birthday and a birth day on the same tape... if you know what i mean. so i quickly went to replace the tape with a new one. proud of my accomplishment by not allowing my mush brain a victory that would ultimately cause me extreme embarrassment in front of who knows later on down the road, i grinned with satisfaction.

what's that?! pirate's up?? i pull out the video camera and record about 3 minutes worth before the battery goes dead. okay. okay. i'm optimistic. at least i knew it was so close to needing a charge BEFORE pirate's party that night. so i put the battery on the charger and sigh - charmed with my good luck.

oh no i didn't!? oh yes i did. i pull out the video camera at Pirate's birthday location only to realize - sigh - the battery is at home, still on the charger.

story #2:
family comes in town for the holidays. and not just any family. hubby's brother, wife, and son who just happens to be almost exactly 6 months younger than Pirate, AND just so happens to look like Pirate's twin. the boys have a blast together and are inseparable. they do the funniest things - and even to watch them bicker is hilarious. oh. but wait. do i have any proof that they were too cute when together. no. no i do not. why don't i have any proof? oh. because i forgot to take video... i was too busy thinking to grab my slr. when did i realize this? an entire 24 hours after their flight took them back to utah. moron!

story #3:
sunday rolls around. we have a very busy day of church, baptism, and shuffling family to the airport. both Pirate and B are being baptized. we take some last minute pictures at the house. we get to church take a group shot. we have someone take pictures while we're up front with the boys. good job mom! everything got taken care of.

we get home. i'm lying in bed going to sleep for the night and it hits me! BAM!!! not only did we not shoot any video, but i didn't even take the video camera with us!!! who does that!?!? who forgets the video camera on a once in a lifetime event!?!? who?????????

mommy mush brain. that's who.


  1. You are wwwwaaaaayyyy too hard on yourself!! If it makes you feel better I have not videoed my kids since July ... there feel better??

  2. haha! cj! you always know how to brighten my day!! haha!

  3. Aw! I think pictures are way nicer because they are easier to view. You are not a moron! You are the mother of two beautiful little ones who is doing a wonderful job of holding it all together:-)