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Monday, November 16

On the other side.

there are so many things in life that just creep up on you... that you have no idea they're coming, and once they're here you have no clue where they came from.

one is growing up into adult-hood. i was just telling hubby the other day how i always knew i'd be a mom - knew i wanted to have a house full of kids, but i never thought about the getting there part. you know? one day you're just a newly wed, still in college, feeling fresh out of high school, the next day you're a college grad, with a house, a baby, a hubby, and Christmas decorations up in the attic. what!?! where did that come from?

another creeper is struggles. you hear of struggles that others are experiencing and you feel sadness for them, donate something to help them out, or even say a prayer for them. never did i expect to be the one in the midst of struggles. and not just any struggles, but the kind that are COMPLETELY out of my control. i can do nothing to help hubby find a job. i can do nothing to force them to hire him. i can do very very little to contribute to our bank account. all i can do is support him as best i can for as long as i can, and pray for the Lord's will in our situation. i have never felt so helpless... yet, am still at peace.

we were leaving from a local car show the other day and were behind 4 gentlemen probably in their late 60's. i mentioned to hubby how they all looked the same to me, but had i seen them in their youth they would have looked so very different and would have had so much more uniqueness to them. then i said, "we will be there someday. we'll be the 'old people' that the young-ins just breeze past and don't give a second thought about."

it's so strange to me how our generations have such a huge gap between us that we don't even know what's about to smack us across the face in the next stage of life. we are clueless of the pangs and hardships that are just around the corner...

yet we are so adaptable that we figure it out and keep on truckin'.

how do we bridge the gap? how do you find a true respect and sincere curiosity for older generations? how do you get out of your box yet remain comfortable there?

no clue where i'm going with this... just some ramblings laced with psycho-babble.

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  1. Oh, how I'm waiting to get to this "other side."