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Saturday, January 30

craft, "crap!" craft, "crap!"

the title of this post is my mentality lately. and i suppose, this is what one should sound like as they are learning new crafts and techniques to craft with. i have crafting on the brain all day long. when the time comes for me to begin crafting... i must undo, redo, rip, scratch, and try it all over again. this should serve as a proper indication of my thought process...

... a complete, total, ABSOLUTE mess.

yup. that's me through and through.

BUT it keeps me on my toes. :)

i'm on try #3 of a craft that i can't even share with you until i've mastered it, made a few (for friends), and said friends receive them in the mail. (don't want to ruin the surprise.) until then, i'll just have to post more pics of my mess. ;)

i got a new toy with birthday money that i'd been hoarding since 2008! holla! a serger. now, where's the "on" button again!?!? haha!
i'm not even kidding.


  1. Hey you need to check out Andy Nelson's sisters blog .. go to his and there is a link .. opaldean.wordpress.com .. she can sew freakin anything! and its super cute!

  2. So, I just happened to see you had a blog on someone else's comments.. I LOVE the way you write and how honest and fun you are!! We really should hang out sometime.. you're "my kinda people".. hahaha... :)

    LOVE the quilt, by the way!! Such fun colors and pattern!! I really want to learn to quilt too... Just haven't found the time to start yet..

  3. Yep, I am very jealous of the serger!