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Thursday, January 28

a finished craft - MY FIRST QUILT!

okay. okay. so, it's not perfect. not even close. but it is my very first, hand-made quilt.

i've always wanted to learn how to quilt... and after grammie got me a sewing machine and i took an intro to sewing class i was ready to learn the art of quilting. but, i got pregnant, had a baby, and well, had a baby! so i knew it wasn't happenin' any time soon. but when my lovely sister-in-laws gave me a gorgeous, brilliant, one-of-a-kind, made-just-for-me quilt for my birthday... you could say it lit a fire under my tush. (thank you angie and katie.) within a week i was signed up for my very first quilting class. it was so much fun to learn!

THANK YOU GRAMMIE (and hubby) FOR WATCHING PIRATE AND B while i learned a new craft! i couldn't have done it without your help!

90% of my quilt is made up of discount fabric (40% off) and 10% (only 1/4yd) full priced fabric. so it, especially the back, was not made to look pretty. though i love the vintage looking fabric. it's a practice quilt. definitely practice. i see about... 32 mistakes. lol.

things i learned:
-"quilting" is actually sewing 3 pieces together (top, batting, and backing). quilting is not cutting up and sewing together fun shapes (though that is part of quilting) - that is called "piecing".
-from the quilters bible: "as you sew so shall you rip." needless to say, i love my seam ripper.
-"quilting" (sewing the 3 layers together) regardless of how you do it (stitch in the ditch or any other fancy way) is NOT, i repeat NOT easy (or fun). the fun part is piecing.
-hubby likes my quilting gadgets *almost* as much as i do! (shhh. don't tell him i told you.)

here are some pictures of my work in progress and finished product...

some different design options:

all sewn with most of the borders


finished front (modeled by my precious #1)

and finished back (Pirate loooves it. lol.)

yay for a finished project! now to keep going... must get better!!!

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  1. very inspiring!! love when projects actually get finished:) good job girl!