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Monday, January 4

out with the old, in with the new year

the migs are starting 2010 out with a bang! baby B is sick - congested and coughing. it is so so hard to see a little one so sick and not be able to do a thing about it. pirate is talking non-stop telling me everything from "read button book" (a book we read once, over 5 months ago. how he remembers, i have no clue.) to "doodles [noodles] for lllunch" to "stinky diaper momma change it" to counting to ten in english and three in spanish "uno dos y tres GO". hahah. he is such a doll.

i have over a thousand pictures on my SLR from the holidays that i am thrilled to load on to my computer, but quite unsure of when i'll have time to complete such a task. we need NeEd NEED to have some family pictures taken. i start a quilting class tomorrow. hubby begins classes at tech school next week. i have a one on one class for my mac that i get to start when things level out a bit. a treasure trove of craft blogs landed in my lap over the past week and i am in HEAVEN trying to read them all! hubby's birthday is less than a month away and i am busy busy trying to come up with something brilliant for him. etc. etc. etc. i love the fresh start of the new year. here's to hoping i can hold on to this energy momentum and let it carry me through the rest of twenty-ten.

as for a new years' resolution... i'm not big on that. i've truly never stuck with something for a whole year in my entire life so why set myself up for failure?? however there are a bajillion goals (softer approach) i have for the next year. if i can successfully do any of them at some point, i will be quite pleased with myself. lol.

2010 resolutions goals
-read a specific list of books (don't know which books, and don't know how i'd find time)
-make delicious, homemade dinners on a much more consistent basis (and with that, try several new recipes that ultimately end up in our "please don't die" cookbook... you know, the tried and true recipes hubby can feed our children with in the event of my untimely death - an idea stolen from a extremely comical friend)
-learn much more on my sewing machine and produce many tangible items from that hobby
-learn a ton more about my camera and take better priceless photos of my boys
-attempt gardening again. but this time, have a successful crop.
-watch less tv and be more active
-learn to clean as i go instead of having to take an entire day once every two weeks to clean
-love on my hubby more
-love on others during their time of need, trouble, or heartache
-become more hospitable
-be more crafty
-actually sell my signs at an event

i could go on, ummm, forever. i'll stop there. and hope some of these things sink in. who knows what this year has in store!

so happy to have my 3 boys! i'm off to console one that is currently crying. and no, it's not hubby.

happy 2010 everyone!!!

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