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Wednesday, February 3


it's mine! i was doing it first! i came up with it before anyone else! who does she think she is!?!? it don't matter cuz mine's better anyway!

what now!?

okay. all of that head-swayin' and finger snappin' just to say... that's a prime-time example of my used-to-be attitude towards other amateur photograhers (AND anyone else who happens to be doing the same hobby as me at the same time... but that's another story for another therapy session.). dumb. i know.

it just really irked me that all of a sudden a bajillion (first name) (middle name) photography...(first initial middle initial) photography... (creative word) (creative word) photography... "businesses" started-up all over the place. out of nowhere 10 of my friends had started their own in-home gig and were watermarking their photos all over facebook and their blog and their new website. geez.

(besides... i had that idea when i was a junior in high school thus i was the first, SO THERE! j/k. j/k.) okay. so i didn't invent the camera. or artistic photography. or photo-journalism. or photoshop/lightroom. okay, okay. i get it.

in my family ALONE there are at least 4 (count them FOUR) women with a creative eye and a camera in tow.

truth is, i was a mad-amateur-photography-hater until just recently. a year or so ago i started reading a blog (thank you cousin!) of a mama who's 4th baby (in 5 years) had a serious heart condition that could take his life at any given moment. this mama also happens to be a fabulous, self-taught, amateur photographer. not only was i envious of the pics she was taking, but i was envious of EVERYTHING she did, which was similar to the lifestyle i wanted to lead - but couldn't (yet) quite accomplish.

one day i linked over to her blog and there it was - a photography tutorial. (cue - angelic, harmonious singing from the heavens.) i thought to myself, "what in the world is she doing!? giving away her precious tips and tricks to the masses! she must be out of her mind!? does she want to lose business. does she want to be one of one-million!? not smart mama, not smart." and of course, i proceeded in gobbling up all the tutorial entrees she's served to date!

here's my perspective on the issue now:

first of all, i'm not a very good photographer anyway. i hardly know anything about my camera - and i've had it for over 5 years!

secondly, if i'm the only one around myself that's decent behind the lens, there's a 99% chance i will never show up in a photo, THUS, in 100 years, it will be believed that i didn't exist. (well, not really but i don't have one picture of myself with my son on his second christmas. which is almost just as bad as not existing.)

thirdly, if i have a ton of friends that love photography and love to learn it, there's a pretty durn-good chance that those buddies are going to look out for me and make sure they capture those priceless moments that i simply cannot capture of myself - and then send me the jpg in an email.

holla! now that's what i'm talkin' about.

AND finally, if we all happen to be doing the same hobby/craft/whatever... that gives us something in common verses something that rips our individuality away from us. choose to make lemonades linds. one step at a time.

now i spend my days, nights, and weekends copy-catting people! oh - how the blogging world has changed my life... my perspective... my self-righteous attitude and my pride. didn't think i was going that deep, now did ya'? (wink)

**note: this post was meant to be offensive to no one! i was simply trying to be honest about my selfishness and my quickness to judge. all-in-all there's a lot of work to be done inside of me to fix these issues. i am just happy to say i don't struggle with taking offense when someone else and i are doing the same things anymore... and i am much more willing to share the things i've learned with others.**


  1. Crazy that you know so many photographers! I know ONE that is a friend, that's it. It's a big sisterhood, I have definitely learned that. If you have a dream then run with it! That's what I'm doing =)

  2. yeah taylor! i am amazed at how many "clickin' moms" (haha!) are out there! and it really is like a sisterhood! if you take pics and you're a momma - you're in the club!! i love it! i really do!!! love your shoots btw!!! and i heard you got a new camera! okay. now, i'm jealous! ;)

  3. Haha... This made me laugh! I can completely relate to all of the above-mentioned internal struggles/debates!! I am absolutely realizing though, as I am trying to figure the whole photography thing out, that I am sooooooooooo not as good as I used to think I was!!! hahaha... It's been humbling!!! It's kinda a fun challenge though.. I am eating it up lately though, and would *love* to spend time with other people who are amateurish-wanna-be's.. ;)

    btw, love the honesty!! soo refreshing!

    Check out digital-photography-school.com if you haven't yet... it's got a wealth of information and weekly challenges etc..

  4. Oh how I heart "clicknmoms" they are the best! The thing about it that's so fun is that every though so many can being doing the same "thing", it's really not the same at all!

    I did get a new clicker...and I'm hoping to really break it in when the weather gets better. I have a dream of becoming good enough to make it a full time career, so I'm going to try my hardest to make it happen!

  5. Oh and we should totally get together one day and have a play date, it seems we have a lot in common!

  6. I love it! I would have never guessed you had these struggles. You are always so helpful to me! Maybe because you know I am not talented enough to copy you ;). Sure love ya!