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Thursday, February 18

it's SEW easy... well, after a few tries anyway.

i knew i wanted to make some of these... and then i saw a tutorial here and here and here. once i got the sewing itch, this was one of the first things on my list! and to practice - so i could get really really good - i made some for friends! can you tell what it is???

oh yeah! oh yeah! CAMERA STRAP COVERS!!! it took several tries to get them as nice as i wanted them, and i didn't follow one of the tutorials completely. i read what they both had to say and then did my own thing! and i LOVE how they came out! i also got some new gadgets to attempt some new things with them too! i can't wait to see where it'll lead me!!

so go try it yourself OR if you're not a sewer, holla' at me and i'll hook you up fat dog! lol.