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Monday, March 22

ADORABLE shirt for my adorable #1

on one of the sites i blog-stalk, i found the most amazing pattern ever! you take old t-shirts, and make a killer t-shirt hoodie out of it! oh yeah! i will never be throwing another t-shirt away again! ever. (i'm sure my hubby is THRILLED to hear me say that. ha!)

the pattern is so easy to follow and comes complete with pictures and step-by-step instructions (for gals like me). and, the pattern is for kids 6months to 7years! holy. this pattern will last us for quite awhile.

the first shirt i made (out of t-shirts i hated anyway) turned out kinda' rough... i will admit, the hood part is a bit confusing. so here are a few pictures of the SECOND one.

i took one of hubby's old work shirts from Atlanta Inboard (too wide and too short for hubs) and positioned the pattern to show off the good stuff.

i'm just sad that it's beginning to be warm enough that he can't wear these anymore this year. :(

here's my little rock n' roll baby showing off his stuff... Atlanta Inboard style.


  1. Such a cool idea! - LOVE the photos of Ri too!! :) I kinda wish there was a "big people" version of this pattern... ha.