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Sunday, March 7

CRAFT: 50th Anniversary Gift

my grandparents recently celebrated their 50th anniversary! what a huge milestone in their life and mine! something about sticking together through thick and thin, keeping the Covenant you made, makes me feel (and know) that i am a part of something so big... so indescribable...

i wanted to give them something special. something personal. but what? here comes my train of thought...

"i know 50 is the "golden" anniversary... what's gold? jewelry? no. home decor? no. lame. next thought... what is something timeless? something they would really appreciate??..."

i had nothing. so i did what any modern young person would do... i did a google search. most of it was cheese and fluff. nothing substantial. but then i found a yahoo discussion where a suggestion was given to do genealogy research for the gift receiver. GREAT IDEA!

i was willing to put some $$ into it so i called up a friend (hi erin!) that was familiar with the genealogical waters to ask her opinion on the quickest and most economical (aka cheapest!) way to go about doing this. LUCKY ME... she was waaaay more into it than i knew and wanted some practice so she did it for me! for free! and with much enthusiasm!

boy oh boy! i didn't have a FAT CLUE what i was getting in to. since then, we have spent multiple hours in discussion about and working on my family line. it is SO MUCH FUN!! and eye opening! and meaningful! but that's another story for another day.

back to the 50th gift... i took the information she found, printed it out, put it in an envelope, and wrapped a pretty ribbon around it. but that's not all. i spent many hours painting our family tree.

"what does that look like?" you may ask.

well here. let me show you.

i am thrilled with how it turned out! and i think Pawpaw and Mawmaw loved it too! (but i loved getting to see my great grandfathers signature on a military draft card, AND learning about my great-great grandfather's carpentry incident on a separate card AND looking at census information to discover a time long ago, unknown to you and me! oh what fun!)

so i am encouraging you to think - on what occasion might you consider giving such a meaningful gift? do some research. paint, draw, or print out a family tree. and if you're not into that kind of thing, i might know someone that can help you out.

nothing teaches you about yourself quite like knowing where you came from.

***for those of you really into genealogy and genealogy crafts, check out Stories by Me! - an entire blog devoted to all things, well, GENEALOGY.


  1. This is so cool! I love it! and I would love a csc for my new camera. Just let me know how much it would be. You should sell these and your CSCs and your beautiful signs on Etsy! I may be up for buying an Anderson sign from you too. Let me know about how much those are too!

  2. AMAZING!!! You are so incredibly talented. I imagine your grandparents were just thrilled with such a thoughtful and heartfelt gift from their granddaughter. Beautiful work, Linds!

    You should consider painting these trees to sell as well, what a wonderful gift to be able to give!

  3. Um .... wow ... love this idea and I WILL be stealing it ... :)

  4. I want one! You could sell these girl! Great idea. I'm serious... I'm thinking christmas gifts already... :)