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Friday, March 12

emily's birthday par-TAY! woot.

(If you've already seen this post over at Crap I've Made, just ignore this one.)

Emily's 25th birthday rolled around and she wanted a casual hang-out night. For fun, I decided to add a twist in there and have a "project" to do. We only worked on it for about an hour, so it didn't take up too much time... and for those that felt like it was torture - it didn't last very long.

For the guys in our group, I figured it was best to stay with the simplest and least fru-fru idea... and believe it or not, I still got some groans!!! (One from my hubby - WHO GOT SMACKED afterwards!) So be prepared, if you want to try this in the future - boys will be boys - and will find a reason to... well, you know.

The idea was an art form that mimics Terry Border's clever and pretty much AMAZING Bent Objects.

We had each couple bring random things from their homes
with no idea of what was to come. When they arrived
ready for the surprise of the evening, I dumped
contents on the floor including wire and
props. I also printed a few of Borders'
magnificent pieces of art as
examples. After everyone
finished giggling, we
all set to work to
create our own
bent objects!

It was pretty much pure awesomeness how clever some of the ideas were! Check them out...

here are the fantastic creators and some of my very best friends...

(thad and ginny, dale and erin, nino and emily, vicki and david, tyler and lindsey and heather)

and here is the lovely birthday girl herself (hi em! don't shoot me!)...

thank YOU Terry Border for your brilliant artwork! we had so much fun pretending we were half as clever as you are! (All you readers out there, do take a second to visit Terry's site, look at his work, and maybe even pick up a copy of his book. Make sure you look really close because a lot his images contain some pretty funny, not-entirely-obvious messages.)


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