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Wednesday, March 3

today i was super mom. tomorrow, who knows.

i have been crafting like CrAzY lately. well, not as crazy as i would like but still crazy. :) i haven't "stuck" with something like this (working out, cleaning, scheduling my day, eating healthy, reading my bible every day) for a long, long time. sad. but true. i'll have pictures up of all these crafts soon enough, but not yet... i always manage to pick crafts to make that i have to give to someone else so i can't post them as soon as they're done. urg. just so you know, i'm not idly sitting around watching american idol or anything. well, actually i am watching american idol but it's on the dvr so... {throat clearing}

anyway. on to supermom. today i cleaned a good chunk of my house. yes, it may only have been a small portion (kitchen and living room) but hey! that's a TON for me.

i'm not one of those, clean as you go, like everything organized, "it saves you so much time in the end" kind-of-people. i wish i was (were?). (you have no idea how much i (and my hubby) wish i was.) in fact, my house has not had a proper cleaning since... well... since b was born. {wince.} it hurts me as much to say it as it does for you to read it.

i am a mess. i have always been a mess. sadly, i will probably always be a mess. BUT if there is one thing (and there's so many more than one) that motherhood has taught me (at least) a little bit about, it's how much organizing helps you in the long run. (having guests over in 3 days might motivate me a bit too.)

so i'm working on it. today was a step. a step in the right direction.

i got a ton cleaned (and we're talking like, as good as deep cleaned. not quite as good as spring cleaned... buuuuuut, it's not spring yet). i spent a ton of time playing with the boys. we ran errands. i fixed a smashing lunch. and we watched very little tv. yay!

lucky for me, my two little men slept simultaneously and they slept for a while. allowing me to get boo-koos done.

isn't it funny though, on the days that you do really good at getting things done... the more motivated you are to keep getting things done... and it all makes you feel really, really good!? like, "hey! i'm a rockstar right now!" kind of good!?!

maybe it'll stick. probably not.

pics coming soon...

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