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Thursday, April 8

a mommy project

i am one of those people that saves every. single. scrap. of. paper. that i think might be useful some day. yup. sadly, that's me. and hubby hates it. but for once, i am putting my hoarding to great use.

i saw this idea on someone else's blog. it was in one of her photos - she's a professional photographer with an amazing eye (and a breathtaking story). when i came across it, i thought to myself, "hey self! i can do that! and i think i have saved everything i need!"

the thing is, even if you're not a pack-rat, you probably saved these items of your little ones' birth... so you can do this too! i can tell, everytime i see these hanging on my wall, it's gonna' make me beam with pride!

i went to michaels and picked up two fairly ugly shadow boxes, on clearance for $9.99 (thus, the ugly).

i got home, scuffed them up with some sand paper, spray painted them with my preferred color, and put a little glaze on top. kinda' like a krispy kreme doughnut. mmm.

focus. and wipe the drool off of your chin.

(the one on the left is glazed, the one on the right is not.)

(note to all you do it yourselfers... i could not take out the glass in my shadow boxes, so i had to tape up the edges. if this is your situation too, take your hubby's advice (throat clearing) and completely cover - by taping down your center paper too - the glass. spray paint, well, sprays. therefore, it travels anywhere and everywhere it can. even up under your partially taped down newspaper. scratching paint off of glass with a razor blade is NOT fun.)

collect your baby's birth items (pictures, announcement, bracelets, footprints, all things that would otherwise be in a folder or box somewhere) and put them in your shadow box. i used quilters pins for decor (i didn't actually stick them through anything, just in case. yes, i am one of those people too.). i used removable tape to hold my items in place.

easy peesy! and now you have a masterpiece that is one-of-a-kind, and sure to melt your heart every time you look at them.


  1. Ok we are COMPLETE opposites .. I throw away everything including .. the bracelet, the hat, the footprints(tried to save cannot find), never made birth announcements ... so ... anyway these are beautiful:) Good job! And I guess my post never appeared on the last entry of yours but dear oil rubbed bronze spray paint would have been an easy fix :)

  2. Hey, I can't seem to find your e-mail address from the last time you e-mailed me, but I was just wondering if your husband has had any luck with the Gwinnett application process.