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Wednesday, April 21

PICNIC TABLE and the holy grail of DIY blogs


a few weekends ago, ty and i ventured into the unknown territory of building a piece of furniture. i wanted to do something simple so he could *teach* me how to use the tools usually necessary for working with wood... but he got so into it, he wouldn't let me do a thing!! imagine that. ;)

we started with a bigger kids picnic table. here's the outcome...

to say the least, i am so excited about how well it turned out!

aunt katie and ri sitting comfortably at the big kids picnic table
b's chubby leg :)

if you don't count finishing supplies and screws, we spent about $40 (on the wood) and that's buying it from home depot. so if you know of a discount dealer or scrap yard in your neck of the woods, you could build this baby for much, much cheaper.

once all the cuts were made and we were ready to start building, it only took about 2-2.5 hours to put the whole thing together.

the finishing took a bit longer. after sanding, i painted the bottom portion black and stained the tops for a two-tone finish. it was pretty difficult to keep the black from touching the wood that was going to be stained... and keeping the stain from running onto the black (any hints on how to make this easier in the future are greatly appreciated).

i used:
-black behr interior/exterior paint in high gloss (pre-mixed)
-min-wax wood stain in Special Walnut 224
-and a satin finish of polyurethane

other than having to wait for the drying process and 2nd coating, this was a super fun and easy project... thanks to my wonderful handyman hubby! :)

now for the info you've all been waiting for...

"how did you do this?!", you ask.
well, we used FREE plans from someone's site.

"so some guy out there has free plans for building furniture with wood?!?", you say.
indeed. and well, it's a woman! and she's a mama! and she has her own drill (several actually)! and she's smokin' hot! she's... my hero.

she literally takes designs from places like Pottery Barn and attempts to duplicate them! after she's finished perfecting her plans, she shares them with us, FOR FREE.

hold on to your buttons folks, you're about to hit the floor...

for those of you that don't already have the pleasure... meet Ana from Knock-Off Wood.

and find the plans for the Bigger Kid's Picnic Table.

once you're done drooling, and giggling, and you've picked yourself up off the floor to call your hubby so he can share in the excitement that is causing your heart to beat out of your chest (true story - it happened to me)... feel free to leave me a comment telling me how much you love me for sharing this treasure, with you.


  1. Yes, yes, I love you much grande for sharing this information! You're the BESTEST!!!!

  2. Awesome! I learned something from Korey when I was helping him put up trim in his old house. Paint before you put it together. It is so much easier. That way you don't have to be as careful when you paint/stain. We painted some of the trim before we (and by we I mean I held it and he wielded the humongous nail gun) nailed it up. The table looks sooooo great!!

  3. Nice job! I love it! Okay, so I just had the most wonderfulest idea.... We should do a project or projects while we are at the reunion! Of course nothing as spectacular as this, but something fun. Just a thought. Oh and of course I love you, and now even more. Thanks for sharing. (like I needed another blog I HAVE to look at) :)

  4. This looks awesome! You did such a good job, and I am seriously impressed with your crafting/construction abiilities!