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Monday, April 5

can you paint with wood stain?


finally! a new post!

pirate's christmas present this year from Grammie was shelving for his room per mom's request (hey! he's 2! he will not know the difference!!). so we set out to ikea one day and picked out some shelving. i found some bracket-y things that i liked well enough but the actual shelf part (that you pile the toys and stack the books on, and pray that nothing falls off in the middle of the night to wake your peacefully sleeping family... yeah. just the flat wood) was over $30 a piece.

"psssh" thought i. we're home depot-ers. we can do this ourselves. so we left ikea with our bracket-y things and set out on another family project (that only took us 3+ months to complete).

i got some wood. hubby made sure the sizing was right. i painted it. then stained it. and we're... not ready.

the only bracket-y things they had were stainless. hmm. we just replaced all the stainless fixtures in the house with oil rubbed bronze. it wasn't a huge deal... BUT i've always wanted to know if you can change up your metal color. EXPERIMENT TIME!

please don't laugh at the following: i took our stainless bracket-ys (which were already scuffed up per the original finish)... i painted (yes painted) on minwax wood stain (yes woodstain).

stick with me here... i painted on two coats and then let them dry for over a day. they were very shiney and the stain would scratch right off.

but then, i then sprayed on minwax spar urethane in clear satin (also for wood). i promise i'm not an idiot. hah!

the final product...

what do you think? they're not the strongest thing ever but with the urethane coating, they are pretty durn strong! pretty good for using wood supplies on metal huh!?!?! i love how you can see the texture of the brush strokes. i love them. :)

i know it was a TON of work when i probably could have found them online. but hey! one project down... and now i feel pretty confident in more metal changing projects! woot!

i'm sure there is a more "correct" way of doing this... feel free to share any tips you may know of.

***note: after doing this project i FINALLY FOUND (duh) a paint at home depot that can paint on metal (and other surfaces) leaving a oil rubbed bronze finish. awesome! but i always wanted to know how wood stain held up... and, now i know. :)

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