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Wednesday, May 19

i am not neutral

last night, at a very late hour i had a revelation.

i am not a neutral.

when we bought our house i had an insanely difficult time decorating. picking out paint colors, choosing room colors, themes, etc. took me hours upon hours of decision making time. ridiculous waste, i know.

i ended up painting everything brown. chocolate brown, latte brown, hazelnut brown. brown's are neutral. everyone likes brown. brown matches everything.

2.5 years later, i'm going insane.

i should've known i couldn't do the whole "go with neutral then you can use your pops of color wherever you want" thing. (jenna hood you were so right! i should've listened!!)

even though we don't plan on staying here for too long, i need color.

i need pizzaz and bright pops of color bursts all over the place. i need bold. eclectic. i need a room that i can sit in, look around for the 5millionth time, sigh and say, "this is such a great room." i need motivation. i need constant inspiration - or my mind goes to a boring place.

when i had this realization (at the most inopportune time) i randomly proclaimed to hubby, "i am not neutral!!! what was i thinking!?!?... what are YOU?" without flinching, he said back, "i am drive. (i busted out laughing and he responds with) er, i can be reverse. we are talking about car gears here right?!" hahahahah nerd. and then he says, "if we are talking about home decor, i am whatever you are, baby." aww. that's my man.

all of this to say - it's about to get a little crazy over at the mig house. get ready. (jenna hood - call me. we've got work to do.)

...i wonder what this brief post says about me as a person? oh man. no let's not visit that thought. hahaha.


  1. yay! me neither! Thus, I have a "Blue room" a "Green Room" a "Red Room" and one that I think is called "wine".... It's wonderful! I love my colorful rooms! Have fun with it!!!!!

  2. I think you are orange and turquoise. :) I see bright colors in you, girl, so let them shine!!

  3. I am with ya!!!!! I love decorating as well and sometimes wondered did I decorate how I did because I love it or because it was affordable??!! Am I the antiquey/eclectic only or do I need a pop of mod?? Do I really like brown and blue in my bedroom or did do it becaue that's what all the stores had?? But I do know I love a MIX of things, I LOVE to hang plates, and my decor will change about a bzillion times during this life .. that's the fun of it. I like to surround myself with things that have meaning .. my best friends paintings, my grandmas china, a pillow a friend brought me from mexico because she said it looked like me ... Have fun I think you are VERY colorful ... :)

  4. oh adrienne! you are so right. i am in love with orange and turquoise. and green that is so raw it is almost a yellow - but definitely still green. and wine purple. and salt-water blue. oh who am i kidding. this is gonna' take me forever to do!!! lol.

  5. thanks cj and liz. i'm pretty excited. hmm... this gives me an idea!!