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Wednesday, August 25

half a decade - so happy together

this year, tyler and i celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss! no, we didn't make it away for a vacation, or do something crazy unique. but we did something we don't often get to do with 2 littles at home - dinner and a movie. and just like anything we do together, we had so much fun hanging out!

it is utterly impossible for me to put into words what this man means to me. but that ain't gonna stop me from trying!

(our most recent photo together.)

from 17 to 25, he's been my very best friend. the one who always tries to meet me where i'm at and make everything better than it was before.

(our wedding day! note: do not contact or use this photographer. i would not recommend them.)

he may not completely understand this tangled mess of a female, but he loves me unconditionally.

we have the greatest time together! he makes me laugh - really hard. he takes my silliness and runs with it! he makes fun of me like no ones business, and he's pretty good at it too.

(us at the corn maze in 2006 - right before we got pregnant with little riott.)

he has the most amazing eyes, the strongest hands, the cutest bum, and THE. BIGGEST. HEART. i've ever seen.

(us hangin' with friends. after marriage, before babies.)

he's great with a crowd, and so vulnerable one-on-one.

(one of my favorite pictures of us... up in black mountain, nc. college days.)

he is daddy! hear him roar! and bounce, throw, tickle, wrestle, cuddle, dance, ride, sing, bathe, blow bubbles, listen, and play.

(daddy with baby riott.)

(daddy with baby beckham.)

my ty is strong, hard working, determined, and masculine. at the same time he's loving, tender, emotional, and the sweetest piece of man-cake.


provider is his middle name. from the moment we were married his first priority is making sure we (his family) have everything we need. he doesn't complain. he doesn't quit. no matter what it takes he's going to do it for us - me, ri, and b (and whoever else may come along).


i thought i knew what i wanted in a husband (you know, the checklist you do as a teenage girl) but i had no idea. God gave me more than i could have asked for in my amazing man. he's my perfect fit; he's my other half. he's the glove on my hand; he's the wind in my hair.

20100529-IMG_4370 20100529-IMG_4371 20100529-IMG_4372

he is warm and cuddle-iscious. he is rough and persistent.


i could say that 5 years of marriage to tyler is all a girl ever needs. but i won't. i'm selfish. i want every year he's got. i want to have him by my side 'til the very end. give me 75 years, and that still won't be enough. but i'll take whatever i can get.


  1. Happy anniversary! Five years! I still remember when we were in C.S. Lewis class together talking about babies, and you were already preggers but couldn't say anything. That feels like it was so long ago. I hope you enjoyed your day. :)

  2. Ahhhh-I love this! What a sweet couple y'all are.

  3. Aww so sweet! Happy Anniversary! Awesome pictures too :)