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Wednesday, June 9

now put your hands up!

(i know, i know. this post is looks a lot like another blog that we all read (and LOVE). BUT i can assure you this post would have been the same with or without the influence of that other blog... still, it's so fun to share similar experiences, with such a fun mama.)

tonight was one for the books. we celebrated a birthday, in high (school) style. or maybe middle school. or possibly elementary school. regardless, we celebrated our dear friends' 25th year by revisiting our past - kickin' it old school.
it was ladies only. on a tuesday night. babies at home (for some). work in the a.m. (for some). but we partied it up! which was an amazing break for all of us.

the evening began with a classy and oh so proper trip to... SKATE COUNTRY!!

oh yes, the place many of us had our first kiss, held hands for the first time, and hung out with friends on the weekends (if our parents would take us) throughout the years of our upbringing.
we shoved bags filled with diapers, toys, id cards, and lip gloss in the dollar locker. we pinned dresses so we didn't roll over our skirts and give the kiddies a show (it was a surprise party). we sang and danced. we pretended we knew what we were doing. we talked about the old days and tried to remember what it would be like as an elementary kid seeing us stumbling around like a bunch of jack sparrows' on wheels.

45 minutes in skates was almost the limit. we left with blisters, walking bow-legged, aching sides from laughter, and thanking Jesus none of us wiped out among the 675 children that breezed passed us as we tried to regain our skate-legs. it was hilarious.

i even dance on skates... because it looks like i don't know how to skate, verses what we all know is the truth - white girl can't dance! hah!

and as we squealed the tires of the minivan, fully loaded with a cup of this morning's coffee, an extra pair of shorts in case a baby doesn't make it to the potty, crumbs in the seats, fingerprints on the windows... ah hem. as i was saying... as we squealed the tires of the minivan out of the parking lot full of kids 12 and under, we rolled down the windows, cranked the stereo, and jammed out to U(r)sher just to prove that we still had it!

and we kept the spirit going all the way to the waffle house parking lot... there we enjoyed deliciously greasy food and each other's company as we have for years after football games, before drama competitions, and in the middle of the day. oh wait. scratch that. none of us ever skipped class!

we sang to journey and we sang happy birthday. we laughed 'til we couldn't breath and we ate cake. we danced our way out the door and we said our goodbyes.

and on my drive home, i laughed at the memories made. i have never been more thankful for good friends and good times, for the babes at home sleeping in their beds, for the grammie's and hubby's home watching the lil' ones so mama can have a much needed night with the girls, and for the years i've added since i was that little girl in the roller rink. so much has changed, so many days gone by. and i know, i wouldn't change a thing.


  1. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. woop ~ a new design! love the pics. you have mad skills...skating & taking pics!