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Friday, June 18

one year.


it has been an entire year since i began writing on the elephant. a lot has changed. a lot has stayed the same. but i continue to have this joyous feeling that, things can't get any better than this. though i know, that's hardly true...

i'm proud to say that i've written 69 posts in one year! which is a tiny bit more than one post a week. while that is great, i have a lot of ideas - expectations that i want this blank canvas to become.

*i don't want to just chronicle. i want to dream, i want to write, i want to make minds wander, and type out a visual explosion of imagery. at one time, i could do that well. back in the day, when i was practiced in writing (aka school) i considered myself a decent creative writer. my brain is so rusty now, i don't know that i can get that back. but i do hope to make an effort in that direction.

*i hope to be able to do more posts, a lot more. maybe one every other day. the problem is not time. the problem is laziness... when i get the time, that is when i want to veg out. but not really. i don't want to veg out ever, unless i'm on vacation (which ain't happenin' anytime soon sister). so, i consider that laziness.

*i'd like to get more organized from the grassroots up. for example, instead of typing up a post and thinking "that'll do.", deciding which pictures i want, finding, editing, and publishing those pictures... i'd much rather: take my photos, come home each night and work on editing, pick out pictures as i go so they are ready and waiting, write all that spills out of myself, and fill in the blanks with the photos that are oh! so fabulous! already... but isn't organization a dream of every mama? i think so.

*i've been blah on crafting lately... we can kick that up a notch too!

all i know is that i am loving my blog. i miss the days when i would write letters to my journal, write out prayer requests, and attempt to scrapbook. you elephant, are all of that combined. i do love you.

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  1. I'm loving your blog too, baby! :) I have enjoyed reading/watching/observing your world over the last year, and I feel like I know you pretty well, even though we don't get to hang out that much. Keep up the good work. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get on the bandwagon and write a blog of my own. Don't hold your breath, though! :)