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Monday, July 26

of math and such

i'm a hater of math. not that i hate the purposes of math in the world (of which i can't even comprehend them all), not that i hate those who are good at math (though i usually can't comprehend things on their normal day-to-day "hey! how's it goin'?" level), it's just that, well, i'm not very good at the comprehension of math. ah hem. beyond basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (plus or minus - no pun intended - a few 50% off, & 75% off)... aanndd you've already lost me.

BUT! ohhhh but but but i really do love math sometimes. (it's a conditional love-hate relationship.) like, today for instance. today i finally had the chance to go through, organize and sort my most recent booty from the treasure hunt that is the LOLLIPOP SALE! i was nervous about my winnings but my math has put that uneasiness to rest.

i shopped for:
one 2T/3T utah mig boy
one 2T/3T georgia mig boy




one 12 mo georgia mig boy

one (size 2 juniors, size 7 shoe) mig mama - hey! it was only two things!

one newborn-6mo utah mig boy (due in NOVEMBER!!)

one 3yo georgia mig boy birthday present
& one georgia mig family (games!!)

i had a total of 106 clothing items (including hats, pairs of shoes, pants, shirts, jackets, etc.)

SIX - pair of jeans
SEVEN - jackets
SIX - pair of shoes
THIRTY FOUR - 2T/3T shirts
FIVE - 2T/3T sweat pants
etc. etc. etc.

minus the $50 that was spent on FOUR family games and TWO sets of geotrax (valued at over $150)...
i spent a total of $1.89 per item (shirt, shoes, hat, jeans, etc.)!!!!

whoa mama!

and i'm so thrilled that i'm typing this up at 2:30am. I LOVE CONSIGNMENT SHOPPING!!!


  1. So, I made Zach look at your loot. I showed him the first picture and he was all "wow!" I'm thinking he thought that was all. You can imagine the growing "wow"s with each picture. You must have been a mad woman with all that shopping! Crazy...

  2. Oh My!!! I am so excited! You need to tell me how much I owe you after the shipping cost and everything. I am glad you posted this, maybe Devin will think planning a trip to Georgia around consignment time would be a good idea :) Shopping is fun, but shopping for good deals is the most fun of all.