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Thursday, August 12

it's the perfect blendship

it's been far too long since i've done a blog post. truth is, i've been really, REALLY busy. the past month has looked like this:
consignment sale (working and shopping)
playdating - babysitting - blueberry picking
kitchen painting
wedding photographing - photograph editing
sewing class

whew. i do plan on updating on all of those things but(!) today is all about the joys of friendship.

riott has had incredible amounts of fun with his buddies and pals over the last month. and something they all tend to share is a love of their toys. they are playing make believe. they are watching buzz and woody over and over. they are swinging bats and throwing balls, swinging, and running through sprinklers! they can't stop talking about trains nor keep up with them (i find them in and under the couch every day!).

we love our friends! and riott is entering that magical moment in childhood when anything can become something else and everything/everyone is good, kind, and open for adventure.




we love our friends!

on a similar note, mom (ahem, me) is shifting gears (excuse the lame driving term, i am married to tyler after all) into another phase of friendship in her life. i am meeting and sharing time with some glorious women. they make me smile! they open their arms to me and my family! they ask me about my thoughts, feelings, and life! what a change!

there are women out there who love you and don't want to compete with you or judge you! there are women who aren't only concerned with themselves!! it is SUCH a breath of fresh air and a true blessing in life. one most definitely worth the wait, worth the tears and insecurities wondering if i was in this alone or not (girl-wise), worth the years of seemingly unanswered prayers.

these women are becoming my soul-sisters. i'm learning them every day and falling in love with them and their families by the moment.

the LORD is so faithful. and i am so unworthy.

likewise, i am slowly but surely cutting away the loose ties - the women who sucked the life out of me for years. i've nursed parasitic relationships for so long, they've almost killed me. almost taken away all of my self-esteem and pride. almost robbed me of my boldness and humor.

i am ready for this new era.

(now i know this is most every man's story but) i'm sending up prayers for my hubby as well. i want him to have strong friendships with other men! men he can relate to, talk to about anything, and go play with. he works so hard providing for us and loving on us, he needs man-time. and as reluctant as i am to know what they do in this man-time, i am desperate for him to have it!

and ty, please, leave the blue-darts in the past! :)

sorry this post went a little far into the cold water. been on my heart and mind a good bit lately.


  1. Lindsey! I am so glad I was looking through my dashboard when you posted this. I know your other friends must feel like this too but I am sure God has placed you in my life for a reason and I just feel so incredibly blessed for knowing you. You are such a sweet Momma and friend and even though I know I talked your ear off today, I am excited to keep hanging out while our boys play so I can learn more and more about you. I am so grateful for you, friend!

  2. It's my heart's cry as well. The longing for deep friendships for both my man and I. So glad you have found yours!

  3. Finding friends is HARD!! I am glad we have gotten to know each other better this year .. looking forward to more interesting conversations/craftiness/play dates/girls nights to come:) I want the same for my hubby too .. but ya really cant force it .. just gotta pray I totally understand:)

  4. I feel ya with the friends...I'm so glad I got to know you a little before I left and wish we could have spent more time together! I love your blog and all your insight, craftiness, pictures, etc... Keep up the posting!