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Wednesday, September 1

my heart flies free, for You are with me

today was one of those days. ya' know, the kind where everything seems to go right! and every time you think about how good the day is going, it gives you butterflies!

the. perfect. day!


i started the morning with one sleepy-head boy prancing in my room, waking another sleepy-head boy which was cuddled against me. immediately the giggles started! oh how i love first morning giggles. and then the wrestling began. as mom tried to catch the last few seconds of sleep, she was pummeled, rolled on, knocked into, and jumped over by lil' leaping frogs!

we continued our morning routine with diaper changes, trips to the potty, a sippy full of chocolate milk, and some brown sugar oatmeal. yum! followed by dressing our best and heading out to a free morning at monkey joe's! we saw lots and lots of friends there! ri and b played the morning/early noon away as mom chatted it up with other moms that she's learning and growing with.

we went home. the boys went down for a nap without the slightest groan... and slept the afternoon away, with a wild 2.5 hour nap! and all the mamas said, "YEEHAW!"


during nap time, dad made his way home with a relaxing afternoon off (again, all the mamas say, "HOLLA'!"). and ty filled me in on some amazing news! the prospect of a financial backer has been revealed, to assist ty in future work! a blessing in disguise? an answered prayer? you have no idea... (now if we could just land a position with a local fire department, so much stress and anxiety would be removed from my poor hubby's worrying mind and wringing hands!!)

we decided in the calm of nap-time whisperings to make a trip to home depot for a craft project i am working on. b woke on his own and dad raced me to the bedroom to save little b from the lonely bed! as i watched in the mirror my little love and my baby daddy - the first glance, a shy smile, immediate wrestling, and kisses galore - i instantly knew - there is no mama more blessed than i, not in all the land.


after another 30 minutes of waiting, and still no riott, i decided to wake him. i ran to his room, turned off his fan, got down in front of his face and watched his sleeping face turn to wake. there's my boy! and in rare fashion, he woke quite content and even happy! i whispered to him, "guess who's here to see you!?" his eyebrows raised, his eyes widened, and he said in the most excited whisper possible, "DADDDDDDY!!" he got up and very casually looked to find his biggest pal, saw dad, walked up to him, and stood there not looking at his dad. ty was busy looking at an email and didn't even know riott was right beside him. finally, after about 30 seconds (and still not looking at his dad) he gently said to me, "will you get him for me!?"

HAHAHAHAH! what a trip my baby boy is!


ty quickly realized he had a friend waiting on him and scooped baby riott into his arms. followed by kissing. followed by bear-hugging. followed by wrestling.

i love my God! i love my boys! i love my life!

the weather allowed the windows to be down, the radio picked up so many of the right songs... and i got that feeling deep in my soul. one that i haven't felt in a long, long time. one that i think is finally returning to me. one that i've longed for, prayed for, dreamed about. i don't know where it went, and i don't care. i just need it back. and today, it whispered in my hear.

a couple days ago i stumbled upon these verses. they had such an impact on me, even late at night, that i wrote them on my hand. the ink remnants are barely visible, but the joy from these verses will last forever:

blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered;
blessed is the one against whom the Lord will never count sin.

amen. and amen.


God's faithfulness never ceases to amaze me.


  1. It is so great when those perfect days fall right into place .. equal amount of kid playing, relaxing, spontaneous fun .. ahhh ... when they come it is o so nice:) Great post ..

  2. What a sweet family you have! I love reading all about them!

  3. swoon over the last picture! girl- keep it up.