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Monday, November 22

MONSTERS!! a celebration of 365 magical B-filled days.

my littlest bean is one. already. fastest year in the history of the world. i feel like i'm living in warp speed these days.

i was feeling really crafty for this birthday, so i wanted to make a lot of fun things for decorations and party favors. we chose the theme of MONSTERS, which is all too easy to do for an october birthday! a ton of our friends and family joined us for a park party!! complete with pizza, monster cupcakes (grammie you are the BOMB.COM), monster plushies, monster hats, monster trucks, and our little B monster, Beckham Cruz.

enjoy the photos, shot by cousin monster karla-shaka-booty.

20101009-IMG_ 027-1

20101009-IMG_ 018-1




20101009-IMG_ 021-1

20101009-IMG_ 068-1

20101009-IMG_ 112-1

20101009-IMG_ 205-1

i am such a blessed mama and wifey. :)

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