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Wednesday, November 17

wanderings and meanderings

it's been awhile. it's been a very long while. a lot has happened since my previous post. the holidays always catch me by surprise and keep me running - one kid on my hip, pulling the other along, with a diaper bag over my shoulder, and keys, a phone, my wallet, a book, and other mumble jumble knick-knacks flying from my hands. it's like a race that starts early october with b's birthday, 2.5 weeks later - halloween, 3.5 weeks later - riott's birthday AND thanksgiving, 3.5 weeks later - my birthday AND christmas, 1 week later - new years, and 3 weeks after that - tyler's birthday! wham bam thank you ma'am! most of our huge celebrations within 3 months.

and so, i'm a little scattered. this post is a little scattered. please do forgive.

currently, we're under a string of discouraging news.
tyler did not make it through with his most recent application for the fire department.
he also did not get the promotion to full-time at his night job (which we were very hopeful of for insurance reasons and stability through the slow months) b/c he can't work 2nd shift due to his EMT class schedule. it's okay though. the burn of "bad" news is wearing off and we're trusting that God has a plan.

the good news is tyler will begin EMT classes in january and will finish with his certification within a years' time. excellent news indeed. and in the meantime we pray for strength, extra energy, and joy as tyler is gone working nights and days, and i'm home with the boys all that time. please pray with and for us.

because i'm a glass half full kinda gal - i keep reminding myself that most families have hard times during their early years (if not longer).

but i do occasionally have a tendency to question why we have to have the continuous struggle; why it seems so little is going right for us. then i'm reminded by friends and family also struggling and in much tougher, tighter circumstances than us. i'm reminded of the sadness and poverty and evil all over the world and those poor people, even little bitty children who have to live in and through it. then i think, a bad economy isn't so rough after all.

we often feel entitled. entitled to good food, good service, good health, good money, good circumstances, even good driving conditions for pete's sake. and when someone cuts us off, we get all in a panic, huffing around like we're the king and heads will soon roll.

i don't know how to change this in me. i suppose i can't. i have to know and realize that real change is not a matter of inner strength or determination. real change is only possible through the work of the Holy Spirit.


it's amazing to me, when i look at these words, and break them down one-by-one, and look at how and when i need them in my life... and i absolutely cannot muster up the strength or energy to do/have one of these on my own. they are the fruits of the Spirit, not the desires of my flesh. it is astounding. so basic, yet it infiltrates every area, every relationship of life.

we have a long way to go. we're so grateful to have our friends and family to help carry us through and we hope we can return the favor for you one day. thanks for loving on us and continually encouraging us.

in perfect timing, a dear friend shared - And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Rom8.28


  1. Oh Lindsey-I had no idea Tyler wasn't able to take that promotion! I know y'all must be discouraged. We promise to keep praying for God's provision in your lives and His sovereignty in every aspect to be evident. We love y'all so much.

  2. Linds dear ... I am so sorry. That is discouraging news .. I will continue to pray for your family:) However, at this stage of life I feel like we are all right there together -- not a one of us has it all together .. if its not jobs it is something else! Keep heart run the race ... It always helps me to shift my perspective to the eternal .. 2Cor4:18 .. and pray for the Spirit!! You are one of my most talented and inspiring friends ... love our Migs!