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Thursday, July 21

AANNDD... we're back. (hopefully.)

blogging has been put in the backseat of this station wagon for several months now. a little after my last post, i started feeling the queezies, only to find out that #3 was on the way! yay Miggles! however i was totally out of commission for a solid 8 weeks and then after those 8 weeks had a LOT of catching up to do on the homefront. laundry was piled. groceries were scarce. toilets had rings. and babies were neglected. now, we're back(ish) on track and really hoping to get things under control (WHAT A LAUGH!) before we're out of commission again in about, oh, 16 weeks.

my due date is 11-11-11 folks. yay! what a wonderful day... that my child will no doubt refuse to be born on. thus is the life of a stubborn mother - all of her offspring follow in her footsteps.

we are not finding out the sex (again) and are so excited about the possibilities... a brood of mig boys!?!? or perhaps a lil' mig girl!?!?!? ah. can't wait!!

this child was totally unplanned (in our minds, at least). yet here we are, all excited and ready to welcome our 3rd little fall baby. in fact, this baby was SO unplanned, that all 3 of my miglets will have birthdays about 3 weeks apart from each other. FUN. not. haha!

i'm feeling great now that i've reached the glorious 2nd trimester! nesting is fab. my boys are loving feeling my tummy waiting on a kick or two. we're into the nonstop hiccup phase (also awesome - not). and things are just dandy.

in other news, riott is a little sponge. he soaks up every word he hears and learns all he can about it. a lot of things he hears are "adult words" (things he's too little to say) and he always asks when he hears something new, "mama, can i say _________?" or "Is __________ an adult word?" LOVE IT! his most recent inquiry was about the word ridiculous. since it is not an adult word, he says it as often as possible, eeeeven when it makes no sense. love my boy.

beckham is repeating EVERYTHING. and has even started two-word phrasing. :( my little sweet baby is a big boy now. i just want to CRY!!!!!!!!!!! he's growing so very fast and thinks he can absolutely do everything his brother can. he is also way, WAY sneakier than riott was. he gets up at every chance to play when he should be sleeping. he opens every door and goes into every room - even the one's he knows better. he messes in cabinets and boxes and countertops! ah! but then he gives you this look like, "aw shucks mama. you know i didn't mean to. i just love you." and all i want to do is gobble him up. I AM IN SO MUCH TROUBLE WHEN HE'S A TEENAGER.

daddy is working hard through EMT school. your prayers are ALWAYS appreciated. he's doing well but gets discouraged and frustrated often which is hard to see and hard to deal with when we have such limited time with him. he's picking it up so quickly though and i am loving seeing him excel (even though he would disagree) at something he's very good at. he'll be done with the program in december... and we'll be a family of 5...

wow 2011. you're gettin' crazy on me.

here's hoping the blog fest continues on... i can keep posting all the glorious things in my little world... and this summer heat doesn't kill me.


the end.


  1. So funny, my SIL is pregnant with unexpected #3, due in December...which both of the other two were born in December as well! That's so strange!

  2. Glad you have returned to the blogga-sphere:)

  3. As always, smiled and teared up through your words...love you!

  4. Glad to read a new post, Linds!! I come to your page everyday to click thru your links (love Kelle H. and McMama) so am always happy to see new stuff! Miss you guys and hope you are doing well. Can't wait to meet this new little Mig!!