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Tuesday, August 16

craft-tastic with no end in sight

i've been nesting for about 10 weeks now. in those 10 weeks i have:
-repainted our living room and hall way
-picked paint and started on the master bedroom
-picked out and am still picking out bedding, curtains, decor, etc for master
-cleaned the entire house (minus the craft room) top to bottom
-in progress on one baby quilt
-in progress on another baby quilt
-picked blanket fabric and tutorial for miggles
-researched and made a ton of fabric flowers (in case miggles is a girl)
-decorated a new wall
-picked out wall decor for about 4 other walls
-sold a lot of my cloth (that i never really used)
-planned a vacation/packed for a vacation (in progress as we speak)
-made about 6 signs
-been husbandless (aka single mom-ing it) for 5 weekends in a row and many, many week nights
... etc, etc.

i literally could go on and on and bore you out of your mind. but this whirlwind has had me up to my elbows in energy and ideas. whew. it's all i could do to stop(!) for a minute and write about it.

we are so, so excited to welcome our #3. riott and beckham are constantly pulling up my shirt to feel and talk to the baby. and miggles is just as eager to get out here and play with them! every time there's loud playing going on around me, i get to be a bouncy house for one little mig. it's so fun!

i am officially in my 3rd trimester!!! as of last friday, i am 27 weeks and counting. it's getting tough - rolling out of bed, the constant stream of braxton hicks, dreading the end of the day toy clean-up, bathing the boys... all of these things seems to be easier when one doesn't have a watermelon in their abdomen. :) however, i feel like i'm in a good groove as far as house routine, nesting, crafting, and other funsies go, and i am a little nervous about how long it will take me to get back to this place after lil mig is born.

#3 is very different. i feel very relaxed and confident in my decisions as far as what we need for baby, what to splurge on and not splurge on, and how the birth will go. obviously that last one will be a surprise regardless, but it's like -

with #1 - it's a guessing game. everything, that is. birth is foreign. baby gear, supplies, needs, wants... you've never done this before, you don't want to miss a beat, you read everything you can get your hands on (you also have the TIME to do such things). so you just do it all! the birthing classes, the 3d ultrasound, you register for everything in the store, you document and journal.

with #2 - okay, you've done this before. but this time it *could* be different. what if i need this? what if i wish i had that? but there goes my toddler... throwing a roll of tp in the potty... brb... okay. what was i thinking?? oh right... wait! #1 is playing under the sink. brb.

with #3 - two toddlers are running around... fighting... messing... being mischievous. it's okay. done this before. can do it again. i can't even remember what it's like to have a newborn. i'm going to remember this time. i'm going to treasure every second. honey - i'm going to sell the pack-in-play, we've never really used it anyway.

i'm really soaking up these days of my steady and stable mental state. i have a feeling it won't be around for a while after miggles gets here. :)

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