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Thursday, January 12

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got our precious girl! And (as if we need any more) she's going to add some PUNCH to the mix! Fo' sho'!

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Labor and Delivery
(written November 15th)
Tallulah’s birth was not at all what I expected. Both of my boys were 4-hour labors from the very first twinge of pain to delivery – both of my boys were steadily consistent in contractions and pain. Riott was a very painful, labor-some birth. With Beckham, I barely knew I was in labor until it was time to push – and I didn’t even really push, my body just forced him out. Tallulah was about 7 hours of labor, with lots of concentrated effort. All I can say is my girl must take after her mama – has to do things differently, stubborn as hell, and a rebel to boot.

It’s interesting to note that Beckham was due on October 11 and came 3 days early on October 8. Tallulah had the incredibly awesome due date of 11-11-11 and also came 3 days early, on November 8. Two weeks before Riott’s birthday, a month to-the-day after Beckham’s birthday. Needless to say, fall is a very busy season for us.

The anticipation of our third baby was incredibly high. Though completely unplanned, we were ecstatic for our #3 to join us. Tyler and I both thought very strongly that we were having a girl, but we chose to wait to find out the sex. I was running around literally until the day she was born nesting like crazy – and not just preparing the house for #3’s arrival, repainting the whole house, redecorating the whole house (or as much as hubby would let me), sewing her a blanket, making her (if she was a she) hairbows, a baby doll, swaddling blankets, burp cloths, a wreath for the hospital door, finding a book for friends to sign, etc. It’s been crazy around here for months now. I’m sure Ty will love it now that I have to slow down and level out a bit.

I planned on a 3rd natural labor and delivery. Both of my others went quickly enough and with no complications that, in my mind at least, it wasn’t worth the risk to add medical interventions in the mix. I thought, “I’ve done it before. I can do it again. It hurts like hell but then it’s over, I’m holding a baby, and my recovery is quick.” This time around my anxiety about delivering was super high. My imagination ran out of control with thoughts of the “what if”s. What if something goes wrong? What if I miscarry? What if I have to deliver a still-born baby? What if I do something wrong (don’t take prenatals, am overly active, etc) and something happens to the baby? I was overwhelmed with the very real and very tragic possibilities. Those pregnancy hormones will make you crazy!!

But thankfully everything went great – with no complications at all (except for the few in my brain).

((my delivery position. this is what i looked like in between contractions.))

I labored in many positions and in the tub. My doula-aunt (who was also pregnant) showed Ty a few pressure holds for my hips and pelvis so he was right in the action through all of the most painful contractions. What a man! I ultimately delivered on the bed, on my knees, leaning against the raised portion where you lay your head - so my back was to everyone. Also, she came out still IN the amniotic sac, which is very uncommon. They had to tear it to get her out of it.



My Midwife, Jack, was a dream! He advocated several times with the nurses for me and what I wanted for a delivery. He was incredibly patient and understanding. I could not have asked for more! And when someone fights for you like that, when they are there for you in such a way at one of the most beautiful moments in your life, they become family. Here's to "uncle" Jack!


Here’s the rundown from first contraction to delivery:

-3:20am felt first contractions
-3:30am woke up and decided to shower (since showering is supposed to make you stop or progress depending on if you’re in true labor)
-4:30am texted Tonia and woke up Ty
-5:30am got to hospital and contractions had all but stopped (!!!)
First check – dilated to a 3, 70% effaced (WHAT!?). Told we may go back home (WHAT!?), but to wait it out a couple hours to see how I progress.
While Ty got breakfast, Tonia and I walked a lap and I decided that was enough since it was making my contractions come back hard and fast, and I wanted to enjoy my biscuit. However, that one lap seemed to be enough because I took about two bites and couldn’t eat any more because of my contractions.
-8:00am 2nd check – dilated to a 5, 80% effaced, contractions 3 minutes apart. Told to stay at the hospital.
-9:52am dilated to 7-8, 90% effaced
-10:17am dilated to 9.5 about to start pushing
-10:25am water started breaking
-10:45am water finished breaking, baby crowning and born

I know my labors are nothing, NOTHING in comparison to what some women have to endure. And I’m sure my hubby and doula-aunt both thought I was a big fat whiney-hiney the whole time I was in labor (there are lots of hilarious commentaries written down as my contractions were timed…). But still, this labor took me by surprise in so many ways. After delivering baby Lulah my only thought over and over was “I’m done!” and “Never again!”. But today, a week later my heart and my body think it’s not totally impossible to consider another Miglet (though daddy says we’re done!). Two days after she was born, I wrote out: “Thankful on this Thursday that the good Lord provides a void of remembrance for how tough and hard and painful childbirth truly is... otherwise, I may not have made it to my precious number 3 that's currently sitting in front of me, stealing my heart at an alarming rate.”



Her Name
Many have asked about her name and I just tell them I love the name, which is true but not the whole story (most people don’t really want to hear the whole 3-part explanation)… Tallulah actually was not the name we were set on for a girl in the beginning. With each child our “girl name” has changed. One random day somewhere in the midst of the first and second trimester, I was cleaning the boys’ room (hard to believe, I know). I wasn’t thinking about names. I wasn’t even thinking about the baby. All of a sudden, the name Tallulah popped into my head. I remember while pregnant with Beckham, I had randomly mentioned the name to Tyler and he turned his nose up immediately. I liked the name back then but it didn’t strike me enough to put it on our baby name list. This go-round was totally different. This time, Tallulah was the only name I could think about! I couldn’t get it out of my head. So I looked the meaning of the name up…


Tallulah: is of Native American Indian origin, and the meaning of Tallulah is "leaping water". Related to the Choctaw word for water, "oka.” Maybe it’s not a big deal to some, but Lindsey means “trees near water”, specifically it speaks of the Linden tree that only grows around a water source. And then, Tallulah means “leaping water”. I just fell in love with the comparisons immediately.

And THEN, I thought about the very real possibility that her nicknames might be LuLu or Lulah… growing up I was always called Lindsey-lou (“and tigger too”). So in two ways, naming our girl Tallulah, was naming her after me, her mama. Plus Tallulah starts with a “T” like her daddy, and Lulah or Lu is an “L” like her mama. Love love love.

The name also possibly derives from a Gaelic name meaning "fruitful woman"... which I hope and pray that she is, in more ways than one.

Eve came from my mother’s name Evonne. We took out the “onn” and were left with the “Eve”. And so little Tallulah Eve is named after her mama and her Vivi.


I am so smitten with my girl. She is mine. She is attaching to me very quickly and very differently than the boys did. I look at her and want to bust out crying all the time because she is so beautiful and so lovely, and simply a precious gift. All of my boys are in love with her as well. She is the perfect addition to our little Mig family of five.


Thank you to all of our nearest and dearest – we were covered in love and food and visits and gifts – welcoming our peach into the world! You are all so wonderful and we are beyond grateful to call you all friends and family!

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