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Friday, May 25


for years i've been clueless on what to call my creations (namely, my signs, but who knows what the future holds?!). so i just sent them off with my email address written on the back. but 3 days ago something was driving me to come up with a name for my etsy shop, and thus, my work.

the final product: rooted. boon.

my thought process went something like this...

i love to create things with my hands. scratch that. i HAVE to create things with my hands. something that i have to mull over, make a plan, execute my plan, make changes if necessary, and see my final product all within a limited time frame. it is my therapy. i'm not sure why, but i do know, when i'm not creating, it's like my brain doesn't function correctly. i can't organize my thoughts or my days. i can't focus on one thing at a time. and i cannot manage to be (no matter how hard i try) my naturally optimistic self.

((i tried cooking. that was a total FAIL. i am so much a perfectionist that if my meals didn't come out absolutely perfect AND delicious (which was a rare event), i felt miserable. it is hot and exhausting work. and when you're done, it disappears. GONE. and then you have a mountain to clean up. nope. not for me. i love to eat and i am SO thankful for those people in my life who create delicious food for my mouth and belly, but it's just not for me.))

((i tried gardening for 3 years. between miserably HOT summer days, nasty bugs like you would not believe, being anywhere from 4-8 months pregnant, and rarely having enough crop to eat... yeah. not for me either.))

my creative abilities and needs weren't randomly given to me though. it is evident, in my family line, that many of the women have been bitten with the creative bug! one of our great-great grandmothers was an expert at tatting. my great-grandmother, nannie craven used to sew professionally. she gave sewing lessons and had customers that she frequently made outfits for. one of her pupils loved her so much, that the girl's father actually gave my great-grandmother and great-grandfather some land - the land that my family still lives on and farms today. nannie also could crochet like no one's business. my grandmother could also sew and crochet. one of my aunts is an incredible seamstress and embroidery buff. and another aunt was the first female to go through the woodworking program at lanier tech. all of these women crafted in many different ways and their passion came through in their work!

more recently in my life, i have been beyond blessed by my husband's family and all of their talents. literally all of my inlaws are crafters of one kind or another. especially the women. my mother-in-law, beckie,  so graciously bought me a sewing machine and my first ever sewing class. she makes amazing cakes, crochets beautifully, paints, and excels at any craft she attempts. my sister-in-law was the one who pushed me to actually make my first sign. my 4 sister-in-laws keep me motivated with my crafting because they keep crafting the most lovely things, which keeps my wheels just a'spinnin'. =)

i LOVE my family.

so in searching for the proper name for my creations i wanted to give credit to the women who have taught me and shown me what it looks like to make things by hand. i was looking for words that hinted at things being passed down through the generations, things that run through the family tree. and that was it. rooted.

the second word was a little more random. i count my blessings as i think of the way my brain works. colors, patterns, fonts, materials, textiles. to use all of these things in creating. boon.

rooted. boon.

i am proud to put this name on my work. it gives credit to the generations before me that passed on a legacy of craftmanship. and it points to the Lord, Who is the Giver of all things.

for now it is just the name of my etsy shop and will go on the back of my signs. who knows where it will end up in the future.

rooted. boon.

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