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Tuesday, May 14

today is a new day.

We are the same as many of you. The ins and outs of changing from a teenager to an adult - from kids reliant on everyone else - to older kids who can pay bills, cook food, and in-turn, be relied on by a tiny person - that shift, that season of life is like learning to walk on a blow-up exercise ball. I don't mock this process - mine was an extreme kick in the pants, and WE WERE READY for marriage, ready for a mortgage, ready for a baby. Yet, here we are, two adults, three Miglets later. Somehow we've survived this far. We have fun every day. We love our family. We make it through hectic schedules, tight finances, and crazy stages of child/parent development. God is good.

When we started talking about having kids, I said I wanted 8. Yep, EIGHT. Ty has always said he wanted 3. haha! Eventually I moved down to 5, and then I thought, "Well, 3 is a good round number. Especially if I don't ever have to push out another baby." HAHAH! I laugh at this. Childbirth rocked my world each time. 3 babies in 5 years - nursing or pregnant for 6 SOLID YEARS. My body is tired. So we decided that for now, no more babies will be birthed into our family.

...looming in the back of my mind, I have always thought, "but maybe we'll adopt one day." Seriously, there has never been a time when that wasn't an option for me. Baby Daddy on the other hand, has always scoffed at my thought process. He almost passed out each and every time I told him I was pregnant. Then it took a solid month before He could talk about a new baby without a bit of panic creeping in. I knew we would NEVER be able to consciously CHOOSE to have a child, that is, to sign a paper for adoption. Never without an actual God-reach-His-hand-down-into-our-lives-and-make-it-happen -  a miracle.

Our closest friends, Aaron & Jenny, had already had multiple adoption experiences... and they were currently in (and still are in) process for sweet V. I had been extremely exposed to the thoughts of adoption, special needs adoption, and what it all looks like, what it all means, for several months. Still, the tangible ideas surrounding adoption were distant and aloof.

A few days after my sweet Lu turned 1 whole year old, I read this post over at another blog with a very similar name. (Re-reading it 6 months later, it still gives me chills and brings the waterworks.) I could not let it go. So this is what it looks like for a child who very well might NEVER have hope for a future, and now NOTHING is out of reach. Nothing is impossible. Over the next few days, I went back and read it again and again. I even sat Ty down and took him through the pictures, telling the story as if we knew these people and I had been verbally told these details. I thought about it so much, I literally had no choice but to pray about it as the days and weeks went on. When something KEEPS coming back to mind, it manages it's way into your prayers as well - even if you are an inconsistent, scatterbrained pray-er, such as myself. I decided to verbally commit to praying over these adoption-centered thoughts for an entire month. I sketched some words in red sharpie onto my inner wrist to help me remember to keep thinking and praying.

The time came that I finally brought up the discussion with Ty. I KNEW what his reaction would be, and I KNEW I had to take it slow. 1st time - "I don't want to talk about this..." 2nd time - "You're such a dreamer Linds..." 3rd time - "You know you'd want to bring ALL of them home with you..."And from there it became a constant conversation between us. The more we talked about it, read about it, researched it, and asked God to show us His will - not our own, the more it was like we were talking about OUR baby. Our child. 

From November to May, 6 solid months of preparation... our hearts and minds were being molded and shifted... and last week WE TURNED IN OUR INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION APPLICATION!!!!

We feel that God has set aside a precious little Mig girl in the beautiful country of INDIA (more on this to come) and we are working, working, through the initial phases of our homestudy (work!). We hope to bring her home some time in 2014.

We are so excited about this. I can't believe it's happening and I get "roller coaster tummy" every time I think about it. What a joy a new child will be!!

Please pray for us as we begin this journey. Pray that the Lord prepares our hearts and our family to struggle through this battle as we wait, and pray, and long to welcome #4 HOME! Pray that she is protected (as she is probably already ALIVE right now!!!) as she waits for a family to call her very own. 

Stay up-to-date with us -- we will begin fundraising soon!

And thank you for loving us through this, dear friends. I have been ecstatic to share this news with you for quite some time. We consider each and every one of you a blessing in our lives!

You are the helper of the fatherless. LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble; 
You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear, To do justice to the fatherless 
and the oppressed, That the man of the earth may oppress no more.
Psalms 10:14,17-18

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