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Tuesday, June 11

dolla' dolla' bills & proving our sanity

lots of updates for you party people... first of all, check out our new widget!! holla!

Pure Charity is a company that helps people like us (and other causes) raise our funds  in a secure, transparent, and tax-deductible way. People can give freely - or when they choose to support one of our fundraisers (buy a puzzle piece, win and purchase an item from a silent auction, etc.) they can pay us via Pure Charity, it is tax deductible, and the $$ goes straight to our adoption agency and into our personal adoption account. 

They also have a REWARDS PROGRAM - where you purchase your goods (that you would have purchased ANYWAY) through their plugin and a % of your purchase goes straight into your rewards account - which you can then transfer to our adoption account, or support a bajillion other causes - like giving people clean drinking water, supporting mission trips, helping orphans get school supplies, and the list goes on. That's FREE $$ for us, from YOU, at ZERO cost. We're talking: 

Look at all these brands we all shop all the time! BestBuy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Canon, CVS photo, DirectTV, GROUPON, iTunes, Kohls, Macy's, Otterbox, ShutterFly, SEARS, Snapfish, Tiger Direct, Vistaprint, BananaRepublic, diapers.com, The Disney Story, drugstore.com, LeapFrog, Family Christian Stores, Fandango... don't make me keep going, because I totally could...
...Advance Auto Parts, newegg, Anthropologie, American Express, Pet Co, Bass Pro Shops, BabiesRUs!!!!!!!!!!!! 
All you have to do is go to Pure Charity, create an account, and Install their Rewards Browser Plugin. From there, a tiny, short little video will show you more.
Try it out here: https://purecharity.com/rewards

moving on. we've been busy. really busy. and we're happy to say we're in the middle of the muck of a home study. i'm guessing it's the 1st trimester of a paper pregnancy. ;)

ever wonder what the initial application of an adoption home study looks like?? here, let me show you...

yikes! it was serious work. but we're done (finally!) and now on to cleaning the heck out of this house so our home study worker doesn't think we're crazy for adding #4. ;)

when i got the fbi cards in the mail, i didn't read the instructions all the way through (ah hem) and *almost* tried to do the fingerprints ourselves ((i had the ink pad out and everything)). NOTE TO SELF: READ EVERY BIT OF ALL INSTRUCTIONS FROM HERE ON OUT. 

see those 3 lil fingerprints on 3 lil colored papers?? gwinnett is awesome with the youngins and they got to get fingerprinted too. makes me happy that they get to participate. :))

thank you all for the love and support! we're trucking right along and thankful to have you with us!

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