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Friday, June 28

puzzle roulette

holy puzzle pieces. we have had SOO many awesome puzzle piece sponsorships! thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! BUT we still have a good ways to go!

would you consider grabbing up a puzzle piece for $10?

it'll have your name on the back and you'll forever hold a tiny space in our home and a MASSIVE spot in our hearts.

i am NOT begging. but i kinda' am. :) only a little.

look at all the claimed pieces so far! WOOOHOOOO!

now let me tell you... i have allowed this fundraiser to be a bit of a puzzle roulette for me. i pick up whatever piece my hand lands on and i don't turn it differently once i set it down... THEN i have to figure out how to write whatever name is next on the list. i've had some pretty tight squeezes so far! i bet someone will come up with an even harder one though... probably my dorky brother stephen. it's his life goal to be as random as possible. and make things difficult for me. HAHA! love you t-bo!

for real - we will write WHATEVER YOU WANT on the back of your piece. get creative. we already have some pieces from the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. :)) i'm so glad they want our girl home too. ;)

puzzle pieces can be purchased by donating to our Pure Charity account (top right on the side bar) or you can send us a check or cash or send funds via paypal or give us 1,000 pennies at church this sunday, or give us $1 for the next 10 times you see us, OR HOWEVER YOU WANT TO GIVE. easy or difficult. fast or slow. you make the call.

((message me on fb, leave a comment here, or email me at lindsmig at gmail dot com))

all the fun and all the games --- HELP BRING OUR GIRL HOME!

she's probably alive, tiny, and out there right now... just waiting, not even knowing what she's missing. oh. my arms are starting to get that ache to hold her. and rub noses and kiss her goodnight JUST LIKE i get to do with my lil lulah belle!

sweet baby india girl! WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!!

we are thankful for all of YOU, dear friends!

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