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Wednesday, July 10

thank you jen hatmaker

a few weeks ago i bought checks. regular checks, no glamor. the difference between my last set of checks (really linds? disney villains?!?) and my NEW set of checks (an adorable indian print!!) is the $5 (FIVE DOLLARS!) that is sitting in an account just waiting for me to move it to ANY CHARITY - the charity of MY CHOICE. what?! it will go towards bringing our india girl home. continue reading from jen hatmaker herself...

"So here's the deal: We spend money. All the time. Sometimes it's exciting things like vacations and iPads. Other times it's slightly less glamorous, like diapers and Windex. But we're spending. And the stores we spend at have historically managed their own charitable giving. They give a portion of their proceeds to amazing work like...well...we have no idea. There is a major disconnect between our purchasing dollars and their corporate philanthropic giving.

But Pure Charity gets this great idea: Let's bridge that gap and allow the consumers to decide where their little percentage goes. If Target agrees to donate 1.5% of your total purchase, then how about you decide what project that 1.5% funds? And so, like magic, the way we are already spending, already consuming, just living our lives turns into generosity."


she walks you through how to do it. it's so simple. AND FREE.


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