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Monday, October 21

up up UPDATE!!!!!!

HELLOOOOOO friends! it has been FOREVER!! but finally... we have in our hands...

OUR APPROVED HOME STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
((woot woot! oh yeah! oh yeah!))

this means, our home study has been finalized and sent to the American adoption agency. we now:
-wait for approval from our agency
-wait for approval from the Indian Adoption Program (CARA)
and then
-we get to see the list of updated children

at that point, we'll be praying over each child that fits our criteria... trusting the Lord to reveal our girl to us! whew.


in the meantime, we have PL-ENTY to keep us busy. our next fundraiser is our very own ADOPTION AUCTION BAZAAR!!!  yeah.

this Facebook silent auction will run from Sunday, November 3rd - Sunday, November 10th. bids will be placed by placing a comment on the photograph of the item you're interested in.

this will be a very unique silent auction in that, every item will be hand crafted/cash value. We plan to link up with the artist's websites, etsy shop, fb page, etc. So as buyers peruse and bid on the donated items, artists/businesses/causes get exposure as well. we'll feature an item or two every day.

we are looking for donations!! do you have an item or two that you'd be able to donate? Or perhaps something that hasn't sold from your shop and is just sitting around? we'll take ANYTHING! even gift cards!


FuNdRaIsEr update! at this point in time, we have raised jusssst barely over $4,500!!!! woooooohooooooo!!! thank you to all our friends and family who have bought auction items, bought puzzle pieces, donated $$, bought wraps, donated items, and loved us through encouragement and prayer!

this has been one exciting ride and it's only going to get crazier! :)) God is so good.

we love each and every one of you! thank you for every ounce of your love and support!!!!

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